Europa: 2nd Leg

14. Europa Support Services 2:  The Sequel

Dear Spotters we give you the second entry on the site for Europa Support Services. It’s a white marrow and just when you’d thought you’d seen the back of the recent Olympic goings-on, it sports a cool podium-like graphic confirming to us what we already knew, in that Europa are Gold-standard in their particular field of Support expertise.
Comparing this to our earlier posted Europa Dark Blue Cambridge, I think this Marrow variant wins it on the away goals rule.

I do struggle drinking tea from dark coloured mugs. Maybe this is pyschological and stems back to a dormant childhood experience I’ve tried to shut away & repress for years……

Europa: 1st Leg

12. Europa Support Services

In a football style theme we present the ‘Home Leg’ of our 2 Part Europa Special. (I’ll be posting the 2nd entry soon dear Spotters..)
Dark Blue in colour with contrasting white type, the Europa motto contains 3 of my 4 personal best attributes:
Quality – Satisfaction – Transparency.  I can only add ‘Humility’ to that list.
Hot on the heels of post 11. NLG, we see our second sighting of the ‘Cambridge’ style noted for its generous handle with which to take a sturdy, assured grip on the drinking vessel.