Deja vunison

73.  Unison

I’ll type loudly so you can’t hear the bottom of the barrel being scraped but the mug-tree is almost bare now….so much so that I’ve had to resort to yet another appearance for Unison.
Yes, things are that bad.
The last time we saw them they were doing a double header with Britannia but now they’re flying solo with this
minimalist one-colour Sparta effort, throwing out the olive branch to School Support staff.

Must go now, it’s home time.

Unison 1

Unison 2

Cool Britannia

28. Britannia vs Unison

We are proud to present to you the first dual-branded mug of the site:
The blessed marriage of Britannia (now Co-Op) and Unison.
The logos of both these powerhouses appear on symmetrical elevations of the mug, which sees the Cambridge make a welcome return to the site. In terms of appearance it’s pretty basic and whilst in Trade circles it’s not a popular as the ‘White Bread’ Sparta, for me it’s a much better mug. It has a slightly wider girth and the handle is so much more comfortable.
We now present our first “2 for the price of 1” mugspot.



Now we know there has been lots of trending suggesting we are running low on Trade Muggage but worry not Spotters, we have plenty more quality artefacts just waiting to be posted.
If it were not so, we could have easily passed this Cambridge off as 2 mugs and for those doubters, here is the conclusive proof this this is indeed a single mug!


Behold, the moment when 2 becomes 1…