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125.  Horwich Farrelly Solicitors

The Law Profession is proving a rich seam to mine in the world of trade mugs. This latest addition to our annals is from Horwich Farrelly and it’s a stunner. It’s a rarely seen Deco and I just love that understated logo, which reminds me of a Railway Station sign. It just sits there demanding your attention whilst displaying a subtle confidence in its own strengths. ‘Quiet’ is the new loud on this beauty.



Their web blurb goes on to state….
“Founded in 1969, Horwich Farrelly is recognised as a leading niche practice with a breadth of expertise in the insurance claims and litigation sector.
Our heritage is based on recruiting and retaining legal professionals who are able to deliver both in-depth technically expert advice and a personal approach to clients by delivering bespoke solutions. We are Lexcel accredited emphasising our commitment to finding and supporting the very best people in the industry.
We have over 450 members of staff based across our headquarters in Manchester, together with offices in London, Liverpool and Sheffield. Our specialist teams provide clients across the insurance sector with the highest quality service.” 

Interestingly I was handed this mug by a contact and it formed part of a cool freebie package comprising of: A4 Card Conference wallet + pad, twist action pen, breath mints (no offence taken) and the mug itself, all housed in a thick branded plastic bag which has already been up-cycled for discount supermarket shopping purposes.
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A Guilty Pleasure

107. DWF Solicitors

Camera phones are wonderful things but I have to apologise for the quality of this Mugfie. It looks like a ‘Leaning Tower of Pizza’ (Hmm Pizza..) effect has been applied to the shot but I swear this is how it came out of the can with no tinkering.
This was a true guerrilla-style mugspot. It appeared on an office desk one day and the next day I swear it was gone! I was so glad we spotted it when we did!
On first glance I thought this lustrous black Sparta said OWF (by virtue of a jaunty ‘W’) but once common-sense kicked in, the scales fell from my eyes and “DWF” was revealed.
DWF are “.. The legal business where legal expertise, industry knowledge and leading-edge technologies converge, helping your business go further.”
Legal firms are never ones to refrain from blowing their own trumpet but their web-blurb brags:
June 2014 – Were independently ranked  in the top 5 law firms for graduates
April 2014 – Named the most active Legal advisor in the North West
March 2014 – Is the 1st UK Law firm to be ‘ClearAssured’
July 2014 –  Were independently ranked in the Top 3 Law firms for employee satisfaction.
July 2014 – A DWF Lawyer wins Young Enterprise Gold Award
You could lose yourself for hours in their website which has tons of photos of staff to pour over, boiler-plate cliches by the bucket-load and much ‘Buzzword Bingo’ to play along to. It’s a ‘Guilty’ Pleasure, M’Lord.

Lean on me

Lean on me

If I Were A Carpenter….

.…..and you were my Mug.

17. Carpenters Solicitors

Nice referral here from Carpenters Solicitors.
The ‘Lincoln’ makes its long-awaited debut. From the same gene pool as the Sparta but thinner and sporting a more angular handle.
It’s a very understated piece but the printwork on the logo is gossamer fine and looks like it won’t stand too many rounds in the dishwasher. However curiosity is aroused on the rear elevation which features some sort of random Escher-esque ladder motif that I swear appears to have a different perspective each time you look at it.
It’s mesmerising. Don’t stare at it too long.

Look into my mug, look into my mug, the mug, the mug, not around the mug, don’t look around the mug, look into the mug, you’re under.