I’m Too Flexi For My Mug

35.  Flexi Store

Charity Shops are proving a rich source of spottage these days and we’ve unearthed another exclusive find here in the shape of Flexi Store.
You know I’ve been referring to the Sparta as “White Bread” due to the fact it’s the veritable ‘Cheap Suit’ in Trade Mug Land but Flexi Store have had the boldness to put a whole new spin on it. Finished in mid-Grey with contrasting Orange block motif, it looks terrific.
They’ve even had the audacity to use the much-derided Comic Sans typeface and still managed to pull it off.
Flexi Store themselves offer…”Personal, Business & Mobile Storage” and their Website can be found here.

Flexi Store

Do you think I’m Flexi?

Flexi Time!