Now! That’s What I Call A Trade Mug

120. A1 D2B

Tis the festive season and this year more than any the pressure around getting everything sorted for what is essentially a 2 day break is reaching fever pitch. Trying to find a free day of the week is almost impossible: The Daily Hate & the BBC have invented an alternate calender week: We now have: Black Friday; Green Saturday; (Yes, Walmart made that one up & believe in it – honest!); Cyber Monday; Mayhem Monday; Panic Saturday. (Zzzzz)
It’s only left me with a handful of days to devote to this blog:
Sabbath Sunday;  That’s a rest day supposedly!
Crap Tuesday;  The worst day of the week – official.
Dreary Wednesday;
Quite Chilled Thursday;

Anyway. In the annals of Mugspotters we tend to get single branded mugs. Very occasionally we get dual-branded effort (Unison/Britannia)  but this very week we took delivery of a Cambridge that is one of the most spectacular pieces of Trade earthenware ever.
caril 1  caril 2 caril   3

caril 3

I don’t know where to start. Gasps of awe and amazement were heard in Mugspotters HQ. No whoops or hollers just a solemn & respectful silence. Minds everywhere trying to compute the information contained thereon. It was almost
a Rosetta Stone moment. Slowly we began to pick our way round the vessel. Building was my first guess. There are some heavy weight construction giants on there: Highways Agency – Carillion – Morgan Sindall – Work Safe Home Safe – Atkins (diet?) – AECOM. But what of the Target Zero   2,750,000 Hours Target Zero & A1 D2B algebraic inscriptions? Thanks to the pwoer of the Internet a quick search on A1D2B unearths a PDF presentation which is ripe with Project Management jargon & low-hanging buzz-word Bingo. It’s headed CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT SUSTAINED APPROACH MORE FOR LESS. There’s 16 cliche packed pages to peruse stuffed with such gems as ‘Get the forecast right & deliver under budget’, ‘Top Down Bottom Up’ (ooh err Mugspotters) ‘Lean’, ‘Driving Flow’, ‘Blacktop Efficiency’, ‘Critical Success Factors’.etc etc.
We have been here before with Warrior Project Management. More searches were commissioned & it seems the purpose of the A1D2B ECI team is to upgrade the A1 between Dishforth and Leeming Bar in North Yorkshire, with all the aforementioned companies signing up to the project.  On Twitter you can follow #neverendingroadworks  in which there is a mention of a sighting of a banners stating 2,750,000 safe hours have been worked on the nations roads. However this thread also enables you to take to social media and make your feelings known about the state of the nations roads & its roadworks.
All in all it’s been quite a journey getting to the bottom of this wonderful specimen but thanks for sticking  with us. It feels like its taken me 2,750,000 to write & edit this entry!
All that remains for me to say is everyone here at Mugspotters wishes you all a safe and Happy Christmas.


Home & Dry

109. Redrow Homes

Redrow 1

This Mug just screams ‘Nineties’ to me. It must be the bold serif fonts and drop-shadow. However it’s a pert little proto-Atlantic and makes a very worthy companion-piece to the ‘Barratt’ entry already in our annals.  Back in the day I don’t recall any TV ads for Redrow, only press.
Of course home building and the housing industry have had a fallow few decades but now there are signs newer houses are being built and if only the greedy supermarkets would free-up some of their annexed land-banks, it might alleviate the situation further. However, lets face it though, who on earth these days can even afford a deposit on a two-up, two down terrace, let alone a Redrow new-build?

Their ‘About Us’ Web-waffle states: We pride ourselves in delivering quality home (sic) to our customers and value to our shareholders.
Redrow is one of the UK’s leading residential property developers, aiming to be the developer of choice for customers, colleagues, landowners, suppliers, subcontractors and investors.  The company has a reputation for imaginative design, build quality and customer service, with the skills needed to complete a wide range of developments  – from large greenfield sites to complex brownfield regeneration schemes.
Greenfield? Brownfield? Have they not tried ‘Strawberry Fields‘, where nothing is real?


The Chicken Or The Egg Or The Fitted Kitchen?

72. Howdens of Buxton

Talk about first impressions….
When I first saw this Sparta I thought Howdens manufactured animal feeds but my research (alright, a quick web search) revealed they are actually a joinery company! Why use a chicken and what is it’s significance…?
It’s all very intriguing and there seems to be no explanation on their sites here & here, but they certainly are one provinence-proved organisation.

The last thing I want is this post to become a poultry attempt at shoe-horning as many clucking puns in as I can…
Ignoring the avian curveball, it’s a very respectable mug. A generous size logo and bold fonts are used to good effect to adorn both elevations.

This was an ‘in situ’ spot by colleagues who asked it’s owner for permission the capture the vessel as it stood but it’s owner, bless them, set about washing it to make it presentable for it’s Internet debut, as you can possibly tell by the rivulets of water cascading down it’s gleaming elevation.
Thanks go to both my colleagues for their bold actions and the mugs’ owner for the chance to share this trinket with you all.

Howdens 1

If anyone knows why the Chicken is used, please post a comment…

A House Is Not A Home

71. Barratt Homes

There was a time dear Spotters (even as recent as the early 90’s) when home ownership in the UK was an attainable dream and one which was within the grasp of many ordinary decent hard-working folk. Recent decades have seen successive terms in power of governments & banks which have frankly quashed, no, obliterated that dream for almost everybody now in the UK with the first rung of the housing ladder out of reach for many people for years & years to come. Before our fair isle economically self-imploded Barratt were one of a number of prolific builders throwing up “desirable” plots of new builds with promises of (Oak leaf scheme) part-exchanges and great deals for first time buyers wowing our imagination with all-action TV adverts, for some reason, involving voice-over men being jetted onto plots on Barratt-liveried helicopters. If you don’t believe me check out this link.
Barratt Pilot
Anyway, a remnant of this golden age of prosperity is this Lincoln, rescued doubtless from one of their now redundant show-houses. At least we here can give this mug a home it so rightfully deserves.

Barratt 1

Low Hanging Fruit

64. C & W Berry

Marrow madness abounds in the shape of this ripe, succulent effort on behalf of  C & W Berry Ltd. We have double elevation action on show here. The first features Berry’s own contact details but on the flip they are supported by ‘Jeld Wen Windows and Doors’. This mug really works for me. The logo and printwork is great and it’s nice to see the Marrow getting more exposure especially in the Building arena, rather than your usual suspsects, Sparta or Cambridge.

According to their websites ‘About Us’ blurb it says….
Founded in 1954, Berry’s has become the outstanding product source for construction materials in the North West of England. Every customer from house builders to small tradesmen find all their requirements readily met.

That’s one juicy berry!

CW Berry 1

CW Berry 2

Harc The Herald Angels Sing

53. Harcros Building Supplies

Yes, I Know it’s Boxing day, but I have a spare few minutes and to be honest I need to slake the lust of all Spotters out there who are aching to see more Trade items after yesterdays foray into Mugsotica.
I liken Spotting to Shopping. We have nigh on 360 shopping days in a year and you’d think people would be sick of doing it and just want a  rest for the odd day or so but my Twitter account tells me otherwise. It seems you just can’t get enough of my mugs!
Never one to dissappoint, I therefore prescribe you this tri-colour Sparta for Harcros Timber & Building Supplies. It makes an excellent companion piece to our earlier HSS Hire entry.
There’s plenty of Fontage to feast on with san serif & swishes to please all tastes.
There sadly isn’t much web presence for Harcros, save for a load of local listings on your Thompson-sytle pages. Pity really.

Harcros Master

Your Mugs Keep liftin’ Me Hire

42.   HSS Hire

Trade Counter – Trade Mug.
On 12:12:12 Mugspotters present to you this all-action Cambridge
Courtesy of HSS Hire. I like the logo here and it’s a 2-colour on white job which looks so cool. On the rear elevation you have a typeface not seen since the Terminator franchise movie posters and it’s tough-guy futuristic feel suits the subject matter really well.
As for HSS, you usually need to call them for the sort of DIY Kit you can’t ordinarily buy at Screwfix or Argos or any of the myriad of building merchants who advertise on TalkSport,  you know the sort of things with which you sand floors till they’re wafer-thin or utterly decimate your back garden.
Interestingly as far as I can recall it’s the only mug to feature on the
site to date which carries ‘Text’ contact  details. So you have web, phone & text options which covers the needs of all potential punters from the luminous jacketed buck-navvy to the over-enthusistic weekend DIY enthusiast.

HSS Hire

HSS  Rear