Reed All About It

148.  Reed Employment

Patiently & stealthily we have now built up the Holy Grail hat-trick for Reed. Battle-hardened veterans of this site will recall with misty eyes, their Health division’s travel mug and their sumptuous Marrow posing the question: “Are You Better Off Working?”.

This ‘on-trend’ mini-marrow is something of a curio. We feature 2 elevations here and as if by some freak of manufacturing there is no hint of branding on either flanks;
Reed1 Reed2

Only the handle’s front elevation features any type of detail.

Reed all about it...finally!

Reed all about it…finally!

This can only be explained by 3 possible theories:

1/ In a hint of creative genius, the printers exercised their European ruling of ‘The Right To White Space’.
2/ The printers forgot about the side-aspects leaving only up front & centre.
3/ Reed had a very limited print budget and left it at the mercy of the printers, where any of the above 2 combinations could’ve applied.

So as we have it, if a user holds the mug in a ‘live’ beverage environment, depending on whether they are left or right-handed, only fools & jokers at your respective sides will get the Reed message.


144: Casa Del Sol Hotel / Casa Piccola Cottage

It never ceases to amaze us here at Mugspotters HQ by the number of hits our humble blog receives and we’re even more thrilled when we are hit from a richly diverse range of communities, cultures and continents. In recent months we’ve been tracking activity in India and inevitably via the medium of electronic-mail we received some wonderful spottage direct from its call-centre capital, Bangalore.

We are extremely excited to share this VERY racy dual-aspect Marrow with you which I’m sure you’ll agree tikkas all the right boxes. It’s slender frame brings to life the brands of
A) Casa Del Sol Hotel
B) Casa Piccola Cottage (Call it Home! TM)
This Marrow is so well cooked you can almost smell the ghee.

Aspect ‘A’ has a distinctly Western feel to it and its light and airy feel puts you in mind of a plethora of similar “sunshine” outlets. However Aspect ‘B’ for ‘The Cottage’ is full of Eastern promise with its beguiling come-hither typographical flourishes.
Casa 1

Casa 2

We’re no strangers to Indian delicacies as we have previously featured Sanam’s Sweet House  but that was in Stockport. It’s a real privilege to be bringing you this genuine & authentic artefact from the East.
That said, we welcome and value any contributions to our blog whether you’re paneer or far.
We’re off now to poppadum the kettle on for a Chai Latte before all these take-away punnanigins get too much.

Cheque please.

Fight The Good Fight

108. DakoCytomation

On first sight, apart from not having the faintest idea what this brand is, it took me a few attempts to actually pronounce it!
This plunging red-on-white marrow features a pleasing reverse teardrop/eliptical logo atop the  brand. The Dako Company are an an Agilent Technologies Company. Hospitals and research laboratories worldwide using Agilent’s Dako reagents, instruments, software and expertise to make accurate tissue-based diagnoses and determine the most effective treatment for cancer patients. Their website says “Our mission is to fight cancer!”

There’s not much more to add than to say this is utterly vital and critical work which is worth raising a mug to.



Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

76.  Interaction Recruitment

What sets this exciting Marrow apart from the legions of other Recruitment mugs festooning this site is that this is the first time we’ve had a mug from a company that is, and I quote, “Recruiter HOT 100: UK Number 1 Recruiter – Recruiter Magazine.”
Plus, any mention of the word HOT brings out mixed emotions for us in the UK as this signifies weather we just never get to enjoy anymore but it’s also a great excuse to revisit the 1982 calypso-tinged magnum opus, HOT HOT HOT by Arrow. Whatever your taste in music there’s no denying that if you click this link you won’t spend the rest of the day mouthing this tune!
On the subject of a hot one, mine’s tea, 2 sugars….

Interact 1

interact 2

Low Hanging Fruit

64. C & W Berry

Marrow madness abounds in the shape of this ripe, succulent effort on behalf of  C & W Berry Ltd. We have double elevation action on show here. The first features Berry’s own contact details but on the flip they are supported by ‘Jeld Wen Windows and Doors’. This mug really works for me. The logo and printwork is great and it’s nice to see the Marrow getting more exposure especially in the Building arena, rather than your usual suspsects, Sparta or Cambridge.

According to their websites ‘About Us’ blurb it says….
Founded in 1954, Berry’s has become the outstanding product source for construction materials in the North West of England. Every customer from house builders to small tradesmen find all their requirements readily met.

That’s one juicy berry!

CW Berry 1

CW Berry 2

Meals On Wheels

62. Wiltshire Farm Foods

If you’re lucky enough to be sat at home of an afternoon perusing such TV fare as Countdown and The (wonderful) Chase you’d be hard-pressed not to stumble across once proud British comedian Ronnie Corbett peddling the virtues of Wiltshire Farm Foods. The action takes place in your typical middle England Suburban Cul-De-Sac; He’s shadowed by a perpetually grinning deliveryman, (Brian). Some razor-sharp editing (not seen since the likes of Taffin) then puts us indoors. Brain unpacks the goodies and The Corbster engages in dialogue with a somewhat overacting old dear who reminds me of Thora Hird’s younger sister. The denouement sees RC swapping wise-cracks and ‘size-ist’ gags with Brian. (The late Ronnie Barker would have approved!)
If you want to check out this ad plus others from WFF, they have their own You Tube channel Here

Actually I’m rather fond of the Ronnie Corbett who once appeared in ‘The Two Ronnies’. Being a child of the Seventies they were staple Saturday night viewing for me: Fork Handles (sic); The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town; The Mastermind Spoof; Too many very clever word-play gags to mention;  The Corbster in a v-neck Golf Jumper cracking gags about the Producers wife… ahhhh

Apologies for the inane ramblings. Let’s get back to what brought us here. This quite wonderful Marrow. It features a lovely loose illustration depicting a glorious country landscape which just makes my heart yearn for Spring.
It’s rare a trade mug evokes such emotion in me.
Contact details are on the vessel. Their website has some mouth-watering treats on the menu. I don’t think even think you need to be in your mid-forties to order from them!

It’s goodnight from me. And it’s goodnight from him.

Wiltshire Farm 1

Life’s A Beach

46. Beaches Family Resorts

..And the Mugspotters Award for the Most Underwhelming Marrow for 2012 is….Beaches Family Resorts.
The Marrow is one of the larger earthenware vessels but I’m afraid this lame effort does this majestic Mug no justice at all. The print is a not-quite-pink, not-quite-purple hue and just floats in its upper portions. My first impressions were, “Why are Cancer Research charging £1 for this?” quickly followed by “That is one dull trade mug…but I have to have it..”  The livery looks old fashioned and suspect it’s quite a dated piece but the prescence of a web address means it’s can’t be too antiquated. Click on the following link to check out Beaches Luxury Family Resorts site.
It’s a shame a little luxury wasn’t lavished on their mug!

Life's a beach

Beaches 2

Work Is A Four-Letter Word

19. Reed In Partnership

Part 2 of our “Welfare to Work” Trilogy.

Whilst this intimate webspace was designed as a place to share Trade and niche Crossover earthenware we do like to provide, free of charge, some elements of social care and RIP’s ‘Marrow’ pulls no punches. We won’t pretend that we’re going to mend broken Britain overnight but in-between spotting mugs, if you’re not working and are bringing kids up on your own, you may just be better off working.  The freephone number’s on the mug. What’s stopping you?

Reed in Partnership

Bringing Up Kids On Your Own. We’ll Prove You Can Be Better Off Working

Europa: 2nd Leg

14. Europa Support Services 2:  The Sequel

Dear Spotters we give you the second entry on the site for Europa Support Services. It’s a white marrow and just when you’d thought you’d seen the back of the recent Olympic goings-on, it sports a cool podium-like graphic confirming to us what we already knew, in that Europa are Gold-standard in their particular field of Support expertise.
Comparing this to our earlier posted Europa Dark Blue Cambridge, I think this Marrow variant wins it on the away goals rule.

I do struggle drinking tea from dark coloured mugs. Maybe this is pyschological and stems back to a dormant childhood experience I’ve tried to shut away & repress for years……

I Love My Mug

9.  Jobwise

Controversial sloganeering on behalf of a recruitment company but this cheeky take on the ‘I-Heart-NY’ brand is the first Marrow design to grace Mugspotters. It’s a deep mug, made for extended beverage pleasure. It’s South-face lists it’s local North West outlets, a couple of which also happen to be ‘Best Market Towns’.
I’m sure there must be a story behind that gargantuan chip above the logo but maybe it’s owner could kindly post some comments, not least to quell all the frenzied internet speculation surrounding this artefact.