Who Ya Gonna Call?

99. Siltbuster

If there’s something mucky in your water supply? Who Ya gonna call?
I so dearly wanted to make this the 100th mug posted on our humble blog but I’ll just have to keep you in suspense a little longer for that unknown pleasure. Believe me it will be worth the wait….

However this mug is just immense. Only The Sparta is man enough to carry the all-action wrap-around branding. The ‘busy’ Orange-on-Blue is a optically challenging (and perhaps just reminds me a tad of a Buzzcocks badge I had when I was a lad)
It is mesmeric though. You just can’t take your eyes off it.

Siltbuster are… the UK’s leading authority on water treatment, wet waste and the prevention of waterborne pollution from construction sites. We offer an unrivalled range of solutions for silt management and the prevention, control and treatment of water contamination.
They can provide solutions to manage; Oil/Water Separation, Concrete Washwater, ph Correction, Slurry Dewatering, Chemical Dosing and Material Separation.

If you check their site out, there’s more. They have another division called GRITBUSTER. I can only hope they see this entry and gift me one of those mugs as well!
In addition to the usual elevations, I’ve shot a 3-in-one portrait as well to try and do this epic mug justice.

silt 1

silt 2

silt 3

Silt 4 Buzzcocks