Phoenix From The Flames

129. The Phoenix Abrasive Wheel Company

There are a couple of great things going on with this smokin’ Cambridge.
First off, it’s marvellous to be once again featuring a mug from the Industrial sector. (The more obscure the better!) Obscure Industries are the cornserstone of this blog. Who could remember err, not forget Malcolms ElectroplatingJayline Ltd from back in the day when we were taking our tentative first steps on this blog?

The mug features a striking red teutonic-style Phoenix graphic which, in isolation, is worthy of its own fashion range. As far as mythical mugspots go, it’s not as intricate & exotic as Zips Dragon but it’s a very bold & striking piece of imagery nonetheless.
Phoenix 2

Secondly, when you delve into the company itself and their services, it’s always a joy to see their range of services which add a dash of double entendre “sauce” into the entry. For Phoenix we have:
Roll Grinding Rubber – Nut Inserted Segments – Centreless Grinding – Fine Gaits – Rail Grinding. (Ooh err Mugspotters..)
The South face gives you a plethora of contact details and so this pretty much ticks all the boxes.

Phoenix 1

Their ‘About Us’ web-bumf states: The Phoenix Abrasive Wheel Company was formed and incorporated in 1968 and still remains a private limited company totally focused on providing technical  abrasive solutions with the best of customer care. As a manufacturer of quality abrasive products all are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance.  With the European standard E.N.12413 (safety requirements for bonded abrasives) and Quality Management System ISO 9001-2008.  Phoenix Abrasives is a member of The British Abrasive Federation who can provide technical and safety publications.

Thanks go to our Peak District Mugspotters branch for salvaging this wonderful specimen and enabling us to grind out another quality Mugspot.



Kings of the Wild West (Midlands)

7.  Jayline Ltd.

This is the Big One.
This Mug is the reason this site exists!

I was smitten at first sight. It’s hard to know just where to begin with this mug. It’s a blue on white Sparta but took a brave printer/creative director to use a typeface so synonymous with the Wild West for the logo. I think it’s a master stroke of design. ‘Playbill’s’ sleek verticals compliment the smooth horizontal (Jay) lines which adorn it’s girth, leaving the front and rear elevations for contact details and a description of Jayline’s ‘Raison d’etre’, which to remind you are:
Enamelling. Powder Coating. Cathodic Electro Coating.
If there are any youngsters out there viewing this site then this is text-book Trade Mug Perfection.
Could this be the ‘Mug Of The Site?. All I Know is it’s a Stone Cold Classic. Simple as. End of.

Mugspotters is live!

1. Malcolm Group

An arty sepia-toned shot of the iconic Malcolms Electropainting Mug. Belonging to the Tankard family, it was shot on location overlooking the disused Gas Tower in Stretford, giving it an air of melancholy.
I for one was left wanting to know more about the world of electropainting so why not visit the website for this West Midlands industrial stalwart  for the full lowdown.

Here is a full colour side view of the receptacle, unveiling its Tankard handle design.