‘Aving It Large (A Coffee That Is..)

139. Intertur Hotels

Sensing the recent sojourn to mid-Wales and the hectic all-action thrill-ride of producing such a pan-European hit blog had taken its toll on the Mugspotters HQ, our Board of Directors and Porcelain Admin Team very recently de-camped to the party island of Ibiza for a spell of warm-weather training. The primary objective of this was to re-charge our (metaphorical) batteries and reinvigorate ourselves, thus enabling us to face the hectic run-up to Christmas.
Fear not readers, it wasn’t all Martin Garrix, Pacha & weapons-grade hedonism. For the other 2 days we rested up.
Not being able to switch off from Mugspotting I feel it right to share this humble trinket with you all from where we were holed up, namely The Hotel Hawaii, part of the Intertur Group.

Inter 1 (1)

Each room featured a couple of these cups and they were used en-masse in the dining room to house what the Baliericans (??) had the cheek to call ‘Cafe con Leche’. Believe me it was one rung above the very worst instant known to humankind, Kenco Rapport. True, it’s not a mug but from the ancient Greek it’s known as the “Stirling.”  It’s not strictly trade either but having wrestled with the notion, I feel it warrants inclusion. On my U.K. travels I have come across these type of cups, pilfered from hotels just sitting there gathering dust on Charity Shop shelves and I’ve always turned a blind eye. Maybe our policy for inclusion of such vessels may need revisiting?
Lastly, abiding by the 8th of the 10 Commandments, we did not steal this but rather shot it in it’s beautiful natural habitat leaving it free to serve the bleary-eyed, Eee’d up party-goers of Ibiza.

Now, where did I put that glow-stick?…

Avin It, Avin It, Avin It

Avin It, Avin It, Avin It