Buzzword Bingo

96. Warrior:  Joint Integrated Project Team

Salutations and thanks go out to our Cardiff-based branch of Mugspotters, who hot on the heels of Office For National Statistics gift us this adrenaline-fuelled Marrow for ‘Warrior’.
Here we have a case of the background almost upstaging the mug. We have some cool 50’s Americana proppage in the form of do-nuts & ice cream.  (Hmmmm do-nuts……)
I have to admit I couldn’t find anything on the web which accurately matched this brand. It’s true we have dabbled in hi-tech surveillance before on this blog but have to assume this ‘Warrior’ is so deep undercover, it’s buried.
So, artistic licence comes into play here with a few lines on Project Management.
‘Warriors’ boast is “Joint Integrated Project Team:  Delivering Capability“.
This is buzz-word bingo. It promises everything but tells you nothing.
Friends of Mugspotters and acquaintances tell me (not that I’ve had experience of Project Management at close quarters, perish the thought, honest) that it usually involves a company parachuting in some overpriced drones to drive more efficiency (a.k.a. eeking more labour) out of an already frazzled work force. They also tell me these ‘Project Managers’ are basically big-collared, wispy-bearded, stuffed-Blackberry types who have an amazing knack of not being around much Monday to Thursday but on Friday, as you are ‘Getting into a weekend frame of mind,’ they’re all over the office like chickenpox, wanting loads of reports, figures and stuff urgently when they’ve had all week to sort it out!
Lastly my acquaintances tell me that weeks and months pass and when they finally admit defeat by delivering a half-baked process improvement plan that anyone with half a brain knows won’t deliver, these PM’s slink off into the sunset counting their piles of cash whilst you start to count the true cost.
Sounds like a good-racket to get into. Where do I apply?


Love Mugs. Hate Waste.

13. Recycling For Greater

Sitting there unloved (and unused) in the back of our kitchen cupboard comes this curio courtesy of RFGM.COM. We aren’t even sure if this mug is for drinking from however I’ve filled it with semi-skimmed just so you can read the printed message. And what a stark one it is:
1 Full mug of rice = 4 adults (300 ml)
It appears then that this mug’s primary purpose in life  is probably a crafty basmati measuring implement. So once the rice is in the pan & on the boil with your korma simmering away nicely, once rinsed, I see no reason for you not filling the mug with a satisfying cold beverage.
I seem to recall this being thrust at us in Bury Town Centre, along with an accompanying ‘Bag-for-life’ by some over-zealous promotions rep.

But seriously Spotters, the next time you finish your favourite curry and there’s a pile of rice, sitting there on the plate ready for the bin, please remember, people are starving in Bury.

If you been affected by any of the issues raised on this entry, please post a comment and we’ll reply in strictest confidence, alternatively if you live in the Manchester area, visit Chennai Dosa in Stretford for a variety of delicious Southern Indian ‘filled’ crepes, none of which need the benefit of rice, as they come served with sambar and dips.

More eagle-eyed Spotters will note this maverick mug design features in an earlier post: 4. Bury Girl Guides Anniversary

20:10 20/10/2010

4. Bury Girl Guides Anniversary

I was undecided to post this but it’s of historical interest – printed with a time stamp of 20:10 on the 20th October 2010 to celebrate some form of Girl Guides Anniversary. The mug itself sports a jaunty handle and is unsuprisingly made from a thick plastic which is logical given it’s target market. Thanks to my daughter for supplying this precious artefact.