Bex & Posh

142.  Bexhll Insurance Premium Funding

For some reason Mugspotters finds itself almost impossible to wrestle itself away from the spectre of the Insurance and Claims Management industries. To be truthful though this provides us with a reliable and steady flow of product with which to stuff our blog. This sophisticated & voluptuous plunging black Deco just oozes class.
Its rarely seen yet ample shape holds a VERY generous amount of beverage but I’m sure you’ll agree this is fit to grace both the dinner table as well as the working desktop environment.

For the purist...

For the purist…

Awwwwww Bless. How cute is this?
But what of Bexhill Insurance Premium Funding? Their location is not hard to deduce but what in the name of the Financial Ombudsman is “Premium Funding”? A trawl of the information super-highway reveals it’s (strap yourself in it’s a long one…) “…The lending of funds to a person or company to cover the cost of an insurance premium. Premium finance loans are often provided by third party finance entity known as a premium financing company; however insurance companies and brokerages occasionally provide premium financing services through premium finance platforms. Premium financing is mainly devoted to financing life insurance which differs from property and casualty insurance.
To finance a premium, the individual or company requesting insurance must sign a premium finance agreement with the premium finance company. The loan arrangement may last from one year to the life of the policy. The premium finance company then pays the insurance premium and bills the individual or company, usually in monthly installments, for the cost of the loan.”

So there you have it. I would have thought insurance brokers would have had the financial solutions in place to service the buying of policies off insurers but it transpires they all must not. Indeed it’s a bit like a barber having someone else do their own shave.

In other news, this Deco came in a freebie bundle complete with a soft toy (awwwwww bless) & bijou carrier bag. For the purist Spotters I have snapped it in solitary confinement, as per the shot above but below you can enjoy the mug flanked as part of the wider package.

Bexhill 2

Awwwww Bless!  How cute is this?

Awwwww Bless!
How cute is this?

Disclaimer: No toy seals were harmed during the production of this blog.

I Spy With My Little Eye

133. The Cotswold Group

Mugspotters gets down & dirty with the seedy underbelly of Insurance Fraud: Cash for Crash; L.S.I.  (No,  not “Love Sex Intelligence” as once performed by The Shamen)  Low Speed Impacts;  Slam-Ons;  Slips & Trips; Staged Accidents; Over-Inflated Contents Claims…. Let this post be a lesson the any of our readers who are thinking of committing that most innocent of crimes, insurance fraud. The Cotswold Group are watching. And as they do, they sip their hot beverages housed in their glacial promo Cambridge, noted for its elongated handle, which incidentally is trending in kilns everywhere in 2015. We especially approve of its ‘Roving Eye’ graphic. It’s a bit like Big Brother, which come the think of it is probably the intention. It seems to follow you round the room. I wager there may even a tracking device or micro-camera embedded in the earthenware. cotswold1 Big brother Cotswold Eye
For those interested, here is some background on TCG:
“With 25 years of experience we are the UK and Europe’s leading Investigation  company providing exceptional results through our specialist investigation and intelligence services. In April 2011 the company was acquired by G4S plc as G4S Investigation Solutions (UK) Ltd but we continue to trade as The Cotswold Group.  (Good job really, given G4S’s reputation.) We specialise in intelligence led fraud and liability investigations across the public and private sector, working for a range of industries, including some of the world’s largest insurance companies, corporate businesses and local authorities”.

So, the next time you’re thinking of submitting that dodgy insurance claim, go on punks, make their day!

Oh Happy Day!

128. Quote Me

Mugspotters make no apology for delving back into the brew-room for leads. I know we’re a bit like ambulance-chasing solicitors prowling hospital A&E waiting rooms but the truth is, this is where we unearth many of our exciting ceramic truffles.
It was smiles all round as we discovered this quite charming Cambridge for Quote Me

QMH Doubler

As you can see, the mug belongs to Tony but he he was more than happy for his drinking receptacle to feature on our blog.
It’s a cute effort featuring Tony on one elevation and general QMH blurb on the other all displayed in a very modern rounded font. You could say the green looks almost ‘gaelic’.

So what of Quote Me happy? We’re talking everyone’s least favourite grudge-purchase, Insurance. Its (very green) web page again features macrocephalic Tony, this time in his convertible. Lets face it, his head wouldn’t fit in any other vehicle!
QMH sell cheap insurance via price comparison websites such as our friends on Compare the Meerkat.  Because it’s an all on-line affair, you can even sign in with farcebook, features Twidder feeds, blogs & download a variety of apps.  (Whatever that’s all about.)
So, it would be fair to say QMH are targeting the bearded, selfie-obsessed, “go-fun-yourself” generation.
But don’t quote me on that.

In Mugspotters HQ we were all quite taken with Tony, so here are more pix of him to save you looking at the official QMH site.

Tony + Toni + Pooch

Tony + Toni + Pooch

Caught In Possession*

127. Co-operative Insurance

It’s hard to know where to start with the sorry tale of the Co-Op. (pronounced Cworrrp) The once ethical right-on bank has to a degree been battered and tarnished by ill conceived take-overs, allegations of financial corruption and a crystal methodist chairman.*
Damage limitation is taking place as they look to annex Manchester’s Norther Quarter under the guise of their NOMA project but I’d rather look back to the time when the brand once had a shred of credibility and they were involved in the beautiful game of football.
Our weathered Cambridge celebrates Cworrps Insurance arm as being an “Official Partner of the Premier League”, plus sponsors of a Cup competition North of the Border.
Blackburn shirt
One upon a time, CIS Insurance once sponsored Blackburn Rovers. Famously in 1995 Kenny Dalglish, bank-rolled by Chairman Jack Walkers millions, won the Premier League for this under achieveing Lancashire Club. They had a great squad back then but spearheading the attack and grabbing all the headlines were the SAS: (Chris) Sutton & (Alan) Shearer. What a pairing they were! A total goal machine. In fact, I’d go on record to say Alan Shearer is my all time favorite footballer and will be proud to tell my great grandchildren that I was around to see him play in his prime. A true legend.

Can the same be said about this all-action Cambridge?
It’s borderline ‘Promo’ but goal line technology has confirmed there are enough Trade elements plastered around its periphery to make it a…. G-O-A-L.    The Mugsupporters are going wild.
They think it’s all over. It is now.




Curiosity Killed The Meerkat

116. Compare the

Trade mugs by definition do as exactly what they say on the err..mug.  Logo, strapline & contact details. Nuff said. Message received. White, 2 Sugars please.
Imagine our inquisitiveness in Mugspotters HQ when this cryptic curio made its grand entrance. The mug itself is a rare outing for The Deco, so first off it has style. The innards contain symmetrical  ladybirds and the teasing couplet: WITH LADYBIRD TEA IN CLAW ANYTHING IS POSSIBLES adorning its enviable exterior girth.
It’s even signed off by what looks like AlekMercapton or something.

Ladybird, Ladybird

Ladybird, Ladybird

Meerkat 1Meerkat 2
More astute & square-eyed Spotters may has sussed ‘POSSIBLES‘ as a clue. The big reveal is on its undercarriage:
Compare The

Meerkat 5
(Mugaware: Please use Mugs responsibility. Do not try this when the mug contains any amount of beverage either hot or cold.)

Yes, it’s the scourge of high street insurance brokers everywhere, Compare the who have in recent years created a long-running and popular ad campaign featuring everyone favourites Meerkat characters. Whilst other price comparison sites have abandoned their fat opera singers and Village People-spoofing jingles, know that cute & cuddly sells and have stayed faithful to them, even offering Meerkat collectibles when you switch your insurance or credit card. (I’m not on commission honest..)
Actually if I was to sign up with them I’d stay “Stuff the stuffed toy. I demand one of your mugs!”
Simples.    Eek.

Awww..How Cute x

Awww..How Cute x


81.  G4S: Investigation Solutions


Not for one minute do I suspect visitors to our humble web-space are all fraudulent crooks but let me reassure you, we have G4S looking out for us.
Just picture the scene. The intrepid investigator has been on an all-night stake out, their senses dulled and jaded, just waiting for the perp/fraudster to make their move..they reach out to their receptacle housing a refreshing hot beverage which invigorates and stimulates their…….. (err: enough Ed.)
Before this blog post starts turning into an Elmore Leonard novel, take time to ponder on this Newbury variant, with it’s tasteful logo including the ‘4’ ghosted out. I rather like this entry. The logo is of a good size and makes best use of the white space it operates in. The Newbury too is a classy mug, slightly thin in girth so ensure you partake of its contents before they go cold.
Anyway, onto the company themselves. Their web-blurb states:
G4S Investigation Solutions specialises in the investigation of fraud across the public and private sector, working for some of world’s largest insurance companies, retailers and local authorities. Our expertise allows us to help our clients combat the many and changing faces of fraud.

So, if you’re thinking of committing any type of fraud, think twice.
You could go from Mugspot to Mugshot!


Tomorrows Problems Today

57. Trinity

Now that’s a bold claim and one which implies this industry is (allegedly) riddled with troubles and issues. Here’s me thinking Insurance was one rock-solid institution, just like the Banking Sector. All I could think of is (off the top of my head) exhorbitant premiums, mis-selling, cash-for-crash, referral fees, claims taking an eternity to settle…

Anyway, a web-search reveals nothing for Trinity in relation to insurance so we must assume they bit off more than they could chew and went under. Maybe the Insurance sector just don’t want their problems, albeit in the past, present or future, solving.
All that is left then is this underwhelming Cambridge. It has a low-rent Pantheon graphic occupying  the INI part of the name, for whatever reason I’ve no idea.
Thankfully we still have a record of their precious curio, now immortalised on our blog.

Trinity Final 1

Trinity Midsection

Trinity Final 2