The Name’s Moore…Moore International

147.   Moore International: Experts In Motion

In cinematic terms we’re well and truly into the blockbuster season and first out of the traps is this action-thriller courtesy of Moore International. There really is so much hanging out of this ‘packed’ lipped Atlantic. There’s an eye-catching ‘Man From Uncle-esque’ globe motif and some post-punk print work showing some sort of sliding
linear guideway. They even have the ball-screws to pull off the cardinal sin of black-on-red typography.

Moore1 uncleMoore2

Once you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor after perusing the front, the rear gives a cast list of double-entendres and Austrian sounding movie action heroes to die for.
You can connect with Moore here which gives you the run down on all their ball & lead screw capabilities.
To top it all and if you hadn’t already sussed, it would be simply rude not to point out they are named after the best Bond movie actor in the world…ever.





Oh Happy Day!

128. Quote Me

Mugspotters make no apology for delving back into the brew-room for leads. I know we’re a bit like ambulance-chasing solicitors prowling hospital A&E waiting rooms but the truth is, this is where we unearth many of our exciting ceramic truffles.
It was smiles all round as we discovered this quite charming Cambridge for Quote Me

QMH Doubler

As you can see, the mug belongs to Tony but he he was more than happy for his drinking receptacle to feature on our blog.
It’s a cute effort featuring Tony on one elevation and general QMH blurb on the other all displayed in a very modern rounded font. You could say the green looks almost ‘gaelic’.

So what of Quote Me happy? We’re talking everyone’s least favourite grudge-purchase, Insurance. Its (very green) web page again features macrocephalic Tony, this time in his convertible. Lets face it, his head wouldn’t fit in any other vehicle!
QMH sell cheap insurance via price comparison websites such as our friends on Compare the Meerkat.  Because it’s an all on-line affair, you can even sign in with farcebook, features Twidder feeds, blogs & download a variety of apps.  (Whatever that’s all about.)
So, it would be fair to say QMH are targeting the bearded, selfie-obsessed, “go-fun-yourself” generation.
But don’t quote me on that.

In Mugspotters HQ we were all quite taken with Tony, so here are more pix of him to save you looking at the official QMH site.

Tony + Toni + Pooch

Tony + Toni + Pooch

Obscurity Knocks

122. Linsco Recruitment

Thanks be to our to our roving Spotter covering South Manchester & the Peak District, who bravely snapped this intriguing but ultimately obscured Atlantic whilst on their travels.
Linsco 3 Linsco 1

On location in its natural kitchenette habitat, it looks unloved and some japester (or downright lazy article) seems to have stuffed a disused St*rbucks Sheath in it’s aperture for comic effect. It’s not abuse on the scale of some of our previous mugspots but it certainly needs a de-sheath and thorough valet before normal beverage consumption can be partaken again. Somewhere under the cardboard and tea-stains is a very credible mug waiting to get out.

As for Linsco, according to the earthenware. they have branches in locations where there was once a top-flight football team (Nottingham, Coventry, Sheffield) and err London.  Amongst other things their web-blab states:
“Because we are an independently owned, local company we all take a personal pride in the level of service we offer, and the excellent enduring business relationships we have developed are testament to this. We aim to nurture long-term business relationships; we see no point in securing in business that only leads to short-term financial gain. We will always advise our clients if a certain position is going to be difficult for us to fill.”

Which might I add, sounds refreshingly honest!

Linsco Logo

Home & Dry

109. Redrow Homes

Redrow 1

This Mug just screams ‘Nineties’ to me. It must be the bold serif fonts and drop-shadow. However it’s a pert little proto-Atlantic and makes a very worthy companion-piece to the ‘Barratt’ entry already in our annals.  Back in the day I don’t recall any TV ads for Redrow, only press.
Of course home building and the housing industry have had a fallow few decades but now there are signs newer houses are being built and if only the greedy supermarkets would free-up some of their annexed land-banks, it might alleviate the situation further. However, lets face it though, who on earth these days can even afford a deposit on a two-up, two down terrace, let alone a Redrow new-build?

Their ‘About Us’ Web-waffle states: We pride ourselves in delivering quality home (sic) to our customers and value to our shareholders.
Redrow is one of the UK’s leading residential property developers, aiming to be the developer of choice for customers, colleagues, landowners, suppliers, subcontractors and investors.  The company has a reputation for imaginative design, build quality and customer service, with the skills needed to complete a wide range of developments  – from large greenfield sites to complex brownfield regeneration schemes.
Greenfield? Brownfield? Have they not tried ‘Strawberry Fields‘, where nothing is real?


Can’t See The Wood For The Trees

54. Forrest Recruitment

Mugspotters sees its first ‘Racing Green’ entry in the shape of this Atlantic courtesy of Forrest Recruitment.
Why Gold type has been chosen to promote their Silver Anniversary is an odd choice but this ‘Limited Edition’ jubilee mug manages to pull off the trick of looking really old despite it only being produced in 2010.
The rear elevation shows a list of Forrest’s North West based offices, which is always good to see on a mug.
Time has not been kind and sadly some of the intricate printwork has already started to dissipate leaving users with a rare case of what we Spotters call ‘Goldfinger’.

Forrest  1

Forrest   2

Goldfinger, he's the man, the man with the err, golden finger......

Goldfinger, he’s the man, the man with the err, golden finger……

If Mugs Had Ears

39. Midland Bank (aka The Listening Bank)

Spotters, it can’t have escaped you we’re now well into the Season of Goodwill and courtesy of a very generous benefactor we have a plethora of Trade earthenware hitting this site in the coming weeks so grab some mulled wine, slap on the NOW Christmas CD and peruse….

This vintage Atlantic is a mug of 2 halves:
The first hits you full-on with some pure early 90’s typography and graphic flourishes. The second features a much more restrained elevation, making nice use of white space with just the logo nestling at the foot of the vessel.
It even features the once-famous Midland Logo, proving there were Griffins in existence well before “Family Guy” was a twinkle in Seth MacFarlanes eye.
The Midland Bank were once a familiar institition on Britains highstreet but were annexed by HSBC in 1999 and so this mug would have been servicing banking yuppies back when the interest rate was 15%!

My only interest however is the mug itself.

Midland Bank

The Listening Bank

Midland  Griffin

This Is Not Just Any Mug…

….It’s an M & S Mug.

27.  Marks & Spencer

A controversial entry here for M&S. It’s probably just nudging promotional as opposed to souvenir. Opinion within Spotters HQ concludes that around the time they were celebrating 125 years,
M & S ran a ‘Penny Bazaar’ event and this mug most likely would have been produced to advertise this.
The mug itself is a curious specimin. It’s breed occupies a space somewhere between Deco & Atlantic and of course we have the olde-worlde typography in a nice ‘Citeh’ Blue but it’s a small affair indeed.

Marks & Sparks

The mugs owner who kindly allowed us to photograph the vessel went on record to say it’s primary purpose in life was for measuring rice. (Not just M & S rice, but any rice.)
I think we’ve been here before on this blog!