Short Rust

24. Shaw Trust

Not sinced the movie ‘300’ have we seen such Sparta action. Like a pleb in a sportscar they’re coming thick and fast, and mainly from the Liverpool end of the East Lancs Road.
This work-horse of a mug is a 2 colour on white affair loaded with the usual mission statements and crucial contact info. As you’ve doubtless seen from our archives, the “Welfare to Work” arena is a fertile land, choc-full of freebie trade mugs, all vying for your business.
….and the Business of Shaw Trust is…“a national charity which supports disabled and disadvantaged people to prepare for work, find jobs and live more independently.”

Shaw Trust

In Shaw We Trust

Short Rust

Above Us Only Sky

22. Jet Service

Sparta Mugs are a bit like buses; you don’t see one for ages and then 2 come along all at once! Flying into Mugspotters in the slipstream of Sencia comes this, black-on-white receptacle that looks like it didn’t worry the print & design team too much. This is one Jet that is definately at home in Terminal 3! That aside, I am quite taken with the tiny flower-type emblem and can’t help thinking more could have been made of this lovely little design.
As for Jet Service, they’re actually nothing to do with planes but the name  has helped me pad this post out with weak aeromotive puns.
They’ve undergone a name change and “can help with information, advice and guidance for local people, to help them into appropriate training and job opportunities across the city (Liverpool) and beyond.
I hope Brendan Rogers is aware of this as 3/4 of his current Liverpool squad could do with some “Appropriate training“….

Jet Service

Sencias Working Overtime

21. Sencia

It’s been a while since we’ve seen arguably the most common mug genre, The Sparta, but it’s back with a bang with this (ahem) sencia-sational black-on-white number. Sporting a jaunty ‘S’ motif, I really like the moody, stark tone of this on-location shot.
Sencia , apart from putting people first have “….touched the lives of over 40,000 people and their communities in the last year alone. We believe in inventive thinking that will create something different in the welfare to work and skills markets and provide new and unique solutions.”


2 Steps To Heaven

20. Step Closer 2 Work

First things first.
What in the name of all things ceramic is that?

We are now 20 posts in and nothing could have prepared us for this. A quick scour of the Internet’s darkest corners reveals nothing of it’s origin or lineage. It could easily double up as a vase.
I’ve canvassed opinion around Spotters HQ and we’ve decided a new Mug genre is born. We give you…The Flute. I’m not sexist but..if mugs had gender, this would be feminine.  Secondly, I just couldn’t see a bloke seriously sipping from this.  This mug was made for Girly Nights in with Hot Chocolate & marshmallows.
That said, it’s a thing of beauty. A true one off, the likes of which I dont’ think we’ll see again and it brings our ‘Welfare to Work’ trilogy to a shattering climax.

It would be rude not to mention SC2W who as well as giving us exotic earthenware, ” is an intensive support programme which enables people on disability benefits back to work.”

Step Closer 2 Work

Step Closer. Move your mug real closer…

Work Is A Four-Letter Word

19. Reed In Partnership

Part 2 of our “Welfare to Work” Trilogy.

Whilst this intimate webspace was designed as a place to share Trade and niche Crossover earthenware we do like to provide, free of charge, some elements of social care and RIP’s ‘Marrow’ pulls no punches. We won’t pretend that we’re going to mend broken Britain overnight but in-between spotting mugs, if you’re not working and are bringing kids up on your own, you may just be better off working.  The freephone number’s on the mug. What’s stopping you?

Reed in Partnership

Bringing Up Kids On Your Own. We’ll Prove You Can Be Better Off Working

Nice Work If You Can Get It

18. Action 4 Employment

You’d be forgiven thinking A4E was a new Channel 4 station (as if they hadn’t already got enough bandwidth-draining efforts) serving to compile all the crud you’d missed on C4, E4, More4,  Film4, 4Seven & all their +1 derivatives……
However A4E is a ….. “Private company with a social purpose. We improve people’s lives by helping them find work,education, skills, or a new direction. ”

It’s part of our New “Welfare to Work” collection. It’s nearest match is a Deco and sports an aperture wide enough to dunk a Wagon-Wheel.
Many thanks go to my brother, who risking his reputation, was able to capture this vessel covertly at work before anyone started to question his sanity.
We really do appreciate the sacrifices fellow Mugspotters make in order to make this blog a better place.