Fifty Shades Of Blue

114. Actonel

It’s always a challenge trying to put a wry spin on brands which deal with serious issues and ailments and this revealing Mugmos comes courtesy of Actonel (Risedronate Sodium) tablets. The medication is a treatment for Osteoporosis, which in layman’s terms is a condition whoch causes your bones to become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue, typically as result of hormonal changes or deficiency of calcium or Vitamin C.  If you are a female Mugspotter over 50 (and I know we have a few such followers) you might want to exit this blog now…
The Actonel site reveals the worrying stat that one in every two women aged over 50  will have an osteoporosis related-fracture in her lifetime.
If you have been brave enough to continue reading, sit down, take it easy and have a nice hot cup of sweet tea. Now where can I get a mug?…..

It seems only fair that after dropping this bombshell Actonel produce something to help take the sting out bearing such grim news…and what a stunner it is.

Actonel 3

Actonel 4 Actonel 6

The Mugmos can be stripped into 4 separate components and our all-action photo gallery above shows it in various states of undress as well as all its constituent parts laid bare.
The yearning body of the mug is a translucent blue into which the handle effortlessly glides. The metallic innards slip into and caress the top of its yielding body. Once firmly in place you can then masterfully pop on the lid, which comes complete with its own sip-slot. It’s adorned with a spongy felt-like undercarriage which acts as coaster to prevent both slippage & ringage*
*The phenomenon of leaving beverage circles on a given surface, which is a common trait of sip-slots, where seepage doth commonly occur.

Single entendres aside, it’s a beauty and on the practical side its size is much more bladder-friendly compared to it’s larger cousin the Travel Thermos, as illustrated in our classic posts for Cuprinol & Reed Health.

Actonel 1