Hungry Like De Wolfe

146. De Wolfe Music

Production music (also known as stock music or library music) is the name given to recorded music that can be licensed to customers for use in film, television, radio and other media. Oftentimes, the music is produced and owned by production music libraries. You probably hear it most days and not even know you’re listening to it on ads and TV Shows. The usual suspects are ones whose advertising budget can’t afford to stretch to licence the latest ‘Rudimental’ tear-em -up track and instead opt for some non-descript drum-n-basscore effort. Typically this will be “library music”. Mugspotters faves ‘Wheeler Dealers‘ is a show which features a glut of multi-genre library music, ranging from classic rock, Jazz, 60’s spy themes (for the Classics) through to loungecore, ambient & psy-trance. In summary a great soundtrack mix to which Ed China can wield his wratchet spanner to.
And so we shift effortlessly to this Charity Shop rescue Deco for ‘De Wolfe’, Library Music specialists extraordinaire. Spotters are familiar with DW in the shape of their superb cult retail compilation “Kung Fu Supersounds” bringing together soundtracks from the Shaw Brothers legendary martial arts flicks. (May we recommend the wonderful Track 2: Theme to “Horror House”) However DW have much more in their arsenal than Chop-socky movies. The mug, if you can see, lists literally hundreds of musical genres to which they have access in their cavernous libraries. Some, never encountered before such as Dub, Baroque & beardy-beardy plink-plink Ukulele.
As a delightful added bonus, the VERY pert nethers of the mug are emblazoned with the DW logo, which will be visible to a viewer as you raise it to down the last dregs of your cuppa.
This truly is a mug that hits all the right notes.

De Wolfe

Believe us there are loads of genres wrapped around its girth

Dewolfe base

Very Pert indeed


Bex & Posh

142.  Bexhll Insurance Premium Funding

For some reason Mugspotters finds itself almost impossible to wrestle itself away from the spectre of the Insurance and Claims Management industries. To be truthful though this provides us with a reliable and steady flow of product with which to stuff our blog. This sophisticated & voluptuous plunging black Deco just oozes class.
Its rarely seen yet ample shape holds a VERY generous amount of beverage but I’m sure you’ll agree this is fit to grace both the dinner table as well as the working desktop environment.

For the purist...

For the purist…

Awwwwww Bless. How cute is this?
But what of Bexhill Insurance Premium Funding? Their location is not hard to deduce but what in the name of the Financial Ombudsman is “Premium Funding”? A trawl of the information super-highway reveals it’s (strap yourself in it’s a long one…) “…The lending of funds to a person or company to cover the cost of an insurance premium. Premium finance loans are often provided by third party finance entity known as a premium financing company; however insurance companies and brokerages occasionally provide premium financing services through premium finance platforms. Premium financing is mainly devoted to financing life insurance which differs from property and casualty insurance.
To finance a premium, the individual or company requesting insurance must sign a premium finance agreement with the premium finance company. The loan arrangement may last from one year to the life of the policy. The premium finance company then pays the insurance premium and bills the individual or company, usually in monthly installments, for the cost of the loan.”

So there you have it. I would have thought insurance brokers would have had the financial solutions in place to service the buying of policies off insurers but it transpires they all must not. Indeed it’s a bit like a barber having someone else do their own shave.

In other news, this Deco came in a freebie bundle complete with a soft toy (awwwwww bless) & bijou carrier bag. For the purist Spotters I have snapped it in solitary confinement, as per the shot above but below you can enjoy the mug flanked as part of the wider package.

Bexhill 2

Awwwww Bless!  How cute is this?

Awwwww Bless!
How cute is this?

Disclaimer: No toy seals were harmed during the production of this blog.

Litigation, Litigation, Litigation

125.  Horwich Farrelly Solicitors

The Law Profession is proving a rich seam to mine in the world of trade mugs. This latest addition to our annals is from Horwich Farrelly and it’s a stunner. It’s a rarely seen Deco and I just love that understated logo, which reminds me of a Railway Station sign. It just sits there demanding your attention whilst displaying a subtle confidence in its own strengths. ‘Quiet’ is the new loud on this beauty.



Their web blurb goes on to state….
“Founded in 1969, Horwich Farrelly is recognised as a leading niche practice with a breadth of expertise in the insurance claims and litigation sector.
Our heritage is based on recruiting and retaining legal professionals who are able to deliver both in-depth technically expert advice and a personal approach to clients by delivering bespoke solutions. We are Lexcel accredited emphasising our commitment to finding and supporting the very best people in the industry.
We have over 450 members of staff based across our headquarters in Manchester, together with offices in London, Liverpool and Sheffield. Our specialist teams provide clients across the insurance sector with the highest quality service.” 

Interestingly I was handed this mug by a contact and it formed part of a cool freebie package comprising of: A4 Card Conference wallet + pad, twist action pen, breath mints (no offence taken) and the mug itself, all housed in a thick branded plastic bag which has already been up-cycled for discount supermarket shopping purposes.
Please ensure you follow us on Twitter for potential news of a forthcoming Mugsotica post in which some of these items may feature..

I Get The Sweetest Feeling

117. Sanam Sweethouse

Gasps of wonderment were heard around Mugspotters HQ when this quite exquisite Charity Shop salvaged Deco was unveiled. Without being ‘Mug-ist’, it’s a very “feminine” specimen and drew such deep and insightful comments as “This is my favorite Mug cos it’s got hearts on it…”  Indeed.
However even the most hard-hearted Spotter would fail to be wooed by its flirtatious curves, lines and bold use of the heart motif. I am more enthralled by the cool logo as it beckons you with it’s “Come and eat me” Eastern undertones.
(Hmmm..please wait as I mop the saliva out of my keyboard..)

Sanam Sweethouse have a couple of outlets in both Stockport & Rusholme and its website boasts of a forthcoming shop in Cheetham Hill. The aforementioned site also explains:

Haji Abdul Ghafoor Akhtar started his scrumptious journey of flavors in 1963 by founding one of the first restaurants that beautifully blended the authentic and colorful taste of the East with the West. Initially called Multan and then Shezan to reflect his Eastern heritage, Haji Sahib settled with the name ‘Sanam’ – literally meaning ‘the loved one’, a name which reflected his true passion and love for what he did best.
His legacy is now being carried forward for more than 50 years, Sanam Sweethouse and Restaurant today is a symbol of authentic essence of Eastern taste and a benchmark of excellence for quality. Manchester’s finest, we are dedicated and committed to creating the very best in Pakistani cuisine and traditional sweets. Haji Sahib is proud.

Cheetham Hill would probably be closest to Mugspotters HQ and so will look to try them out once it’s unleashed on the public. Those who can’t wait are best advised to get down to Stockport or Rusholme to slate your sweet lust pronto.

Sweets for My Sweet, Sugar for My Honey..

Sweets for My Sweet, Sugar for My Honey..

Curiosity Killed The Meerkat

116. Compare the

Trade mugs by definition do as exactly what they say on the err..mug.  Logo, strapline & contact details. Nuff said. Message received. White, 2 Sugars please.
Imagine our inquisitiveness in Mugspotters HQ when this cryptic curio made its grand entrance. The mug itself is a rare outing for The Deco, so first off it has style. The innards contain symmetrical  ladybirds and the teasing couplet: WITH LADYBIRD TEA IN CLAW ANYTHING IS POSSIBLES adorning its enviable exterior girth.
It’s even signed off by what looks like AlekMercapton or something.

Ladybird, Ladybird

Ladybird, Ladybird

Meerkat 1Meerkat 2
More astute & square-eyed Spotters may has sussed ‘POSSIBLES‘ as a clue. The big reveal is on its undercarriage:
Compare The

Meerkat 5
(Mugaware: Please use Mugs responsibility. Do not try this when the mug contains any amount of beverage either hot or cold.)

Yes, it’s the scourge of high street insurance brokers everywhere, Compare the who have in recent years created a long-running and popular ad campaign featuring everyone favourites Meerkat characters. Whilst other price comparison sites have abandoned their fat opera singers and Village People-spoofing jingles, know that cute & cuddly sells and have stayed faithful to them, even offering Meerkat collectibles when you switch your insurance or credit card. (I’m not on commission honest..)
Actually if I was to sign up with them I’d stay “Stuff the stuffed toy. I demand one of your mugs!”
Simples.    Eek.

Awww..How Cute x

Awww..How Cute x

A Spanner In The Works

63. Scania Assistance

An opportunistic sighting here (the first since L12) but this time our avid spotters actively sought permission to get the shot and no doubt utterly perplexed its owner as to the reasons why they just needed to capture the mug for posterity. (That must have been some conversation!) It certainly is a curious specimin.
Without being mug-ist, what springs to mind when you think of Scania?  Trucks. Dirty big ones. Bodyshops. Mechanics. Roadside Recovery Crews. Even the mug itself features a spanner.
Yet they have chosen the Deco, one of the more  refined and dare I say it, “feminine” of mug designs with which to promote their services.  If I was a betting Spotter I’d have sunk my money on a Sparta all day long!
Nonetheless its a great addition to the blog and sincere thanks go to its owner and the intrepid Spotters for selflessly risking their reputations to get the all important photo.

Scania Mug

Good To Know You, To Know You Good

56. Randstad


Everytime I hear Randstad, I can’t help thinking of Grandstand, which back in the Seventies & Eighties was the ‘Must-see’ Saturday afternoon sport programme: The iconic theme tune; Frank Bough; Rugby from Cardiff Arms Park; Eddie Waring; Final Score; The VidiPrinter; Keegan scoring ‘that’ header in the end credits….ahhh set adrift on memory bliss.

Snapping back to reality though Randstad are yet another recruitment giant joining our Hall Of Fame. In truth, it’s a lovely mug both in terms of design & print.  It’s a slim-line Deco (quite rare these days), tri-colour on white.  Refined, sleek and elegant. The logo is understated in powder blue a la Carpenters.

This was kindly donated by a colleague who was cleaning out her kitchen cupboards. “It’s alright, I had two” she said….(the embarrassment of riches)
And that’s the beauty of Trade Mugs. Many of you browsing this site will have them at home but you may not even know it.  Any donations & contributions are always gratefully accepted. Please get in touch by leaving a comment.


Randstad B

Randstad A

This Is Not Just Any Mug…

….It’s an M & S Mug.

27.  Marks & Spencer

A controversial entry here for M&S. It’s probably just nudging promotional as opposed to souvenir. Opinion within Spotters HQ concludes that around the time they were celebrating 125 years,
M & S ran a ‘Penny Bazaar’ event and this mug most likely would have been produced to advertise this.
The mug itself is a curious specimin. It’s breed occupies a space somewhere between Deco & Atlantic and of course we have the olde-worlde typography in a nice ‘Citeh’ Blue but it’s a small affair indeed.

Marks & Sparks

The mugs owner who kindly allowed us to photograph the vessel went on record to say it’s primary purpose in life was for measuring rice. (Not just M & S rice, but any rice.)
I think we’ve been here before on this blog!

Nice Work If You Can Get It

18. Action 4 Employment

You’d be forgiven thinking A4E was a new Channel 4 station (as if they hadn’t already got enough bandwidth-draining efforts) serving to compile all the crud you’d missed on C4, E4, More4,  Film4, 4Seven & all their +1 derivatives……
However A4E is a ….. “Private company with a social purpose. We improve people’s lives by helping them find work,education, skills, or a new direction. ”

It’s part of our New “Welfare to Work” collection. It’s nearest match is a Deco and sports an aperture wide enough to dunk a Wagon-Wheel.
Many thanks go to my brother, who risking his reputation, was able to capture this vessel covertly at work before anyone started to question his sanity.
We really do appreciate the sacrifices fellow Mugspotters make in order to make this blog a better place.