Eye Eye Capt’n

80. Birds Eye Foods

It’s Christmas time again and to round off a “spartan” year on the trade-mug front, we here at Mugspotters’ are very proud to share this wonderful charity-shop salvage trinket with you for Birds Eye Foods. The design is draped around the Cambridge making it tricky to capture on a single elevation but not only does it feature a lovely blue-bird silhouette, but  right on cue, the winged one is actually sporting a Christmas Santa hat!
One can only imagine these were issued as Festive gifts to Birds Eye employees. They probably came packed with about half a dozen fish fingers to boot!
There’s no escaping the fact that Birds Eye are synonymous with Fish Fingers (Or Fish Fingres if you are Spanish) and the first thing that springs to mind when you mention this brand is Captain Birdseye, shown below sporting a white polo neck & a packet of 10.

All that remains for all of us at Mugspotters is to wish you a Happy Christmas & Peace on earthenware.

Birds 4

Birds 3

Birdseye 2

Meals On Wheels

62. Wiltshire Farm Foods

If you’re lucky enough to be sat at home of an afternoon perusing such TV fare as Countdown and The (wonderful) Chase you’d be hard-pressed not to stumble across once proud British comedian Ronnie Corbett peddling the virtues of Wiltshire Farm Foods. The action takes place in your typical middle England Suburban Cul-De-Sac; He’s shadowed by a perpetually grinning deliveryman, (Brian). Some razor-sharp editing (not seen since the likes of Taffin) then puts us indoors. Brain unpacks the goodies and The Corbster engages in dialogue with a somewhat overacting old dear who reminds me of Thora Hird’s younger sister. The denouement sees RC swapping wise-cracks and ‘size-ist’ gags with Brian. (The late Ronnie Barker would have approved!)
If you want to check out this ad plus others from WFF, they have their own You Tube channel Here

Actually I’m rather fond of the Ronnie Corbett who once appeared in ‘The Two Ronnies’. Being a child of the Seventies they were staple Saturday night viewing for me: Fork Handles (sic); The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town; The Mastermind Spoof; Too many very clever word-play gags to mention;  The Corbster in a v-neck Golf Jumper cracking gags about the Producers wife… ahhhh

Apologies for the inane ramblings. Let’s get back to what brought us here. This quite wonderful Marrow. It features a lovely loose illustration depicting a glorious country landscape which just makes my heart yearn for Spring.
It’s rare a trade mug evokes such emotion in me.
Contact details are on the vessel. Their website has some mouth-watering treats on the menu. I don’t think even think you need to be in your mid-forties to order from them!

It’s goodnight from me. And it’s goodnight from him.

Wiltshire Farm 1

Love Mugs. Hate Waste.

13. Recycling For Greater Manchester.com

Sitting there unloved (and unused) in the back of our kitchen cupboard comes this curio courtesy of RFGM.COM. We aren’t even sure if this mug is for drinking from however I’ve filled it with semi-skimmed just so you can read the printed message. And what a stark one it is:
1 Full mug of rice = 4 adults (300 ml)
It appears then that this mug’s primary purpose in life  is probably a crafty basmati measuring implement. So once the rice is in the pan & on the boil with your korma simmering away nicely, once rinsed, I see no reason for you not filling the mug with a satisfying cold beverage.
I seem to recall this being thrust at us in Bury Town Centre, along with an accompanying ‘Bag-for-life’ by some over-zealous promotions rep.

But seriously Spotters, the next time you finish your favourite curry and there’s a pile of rice, sitting there on the plate ready for the bin, please remember, people are starving in Bury.

If you been affected by any of the issues raised on this entry, please post a comment and we’ll reply in strictest confidence, alternatively if you live in the Manchester area, visit Chennai Dosa in Stretford for a variety of delicious Southern Indian ‘filled’ crepes, none of which need the benefit of rice, as they come served with sambar and dips.

More eagle-eyed Spotters will note this maverick mug design features in an earlier post: 4. Bury Girl Guides Anniversary

Bakers: Born & Bred since 1876

6. Warburtons Bakery

After one day on-line my personal collection of Trade Mugs had been exhausted so family friends came to the rescue with this true North-Western classic!

All the way from Bolton Lancashire comes this elegant ‘Newbury’ receptacle. It’s plain white in colour & emblazoned with the retro Warburtons Crest. I’m sure this bakery needs no introduction but as well as being able to buy all your favourite Warbies baked products from your usual food retailers, check out their website at www.warburtons.co.uk   It’s very interactive and mouthwatering to boot.
I’m off now to make some toast.