74. Matra Datavision
Pandora’s Box now comes with a handle in the shape of this rammed Sparta, courtesy of Matra Datavison. There’s no web address on this vessel, which means it must be old but considering one of its boasts is CAD (Computer Aided Design) we thought this rather odd, so Spotters took to the Information SuperHighway to find out more.

Before we knew it we were embroiled in the world of French automobiles, aeronautics and weaponry..
In 1994, it became a subsidiary of the Largardiere Group and now operates under that name.
OMG – oh and yes, Matra Datavison are members of O M G (Object Management Group – whatever that is?)

If you too have no life, feel free to peruse the links. It’s a truly baffling netherworld of acronyms and jargon that must mean something to someone on this planet. On one page of their site it asks if you want the content translating into Ukranian, which quite frankly would have made about as much sense to me as the English version anyway!

Thankfully, whatever we do and wherever we are in life, we all get thirsty so let’s celebrate the reason we’re looking at this site in the first place…the mug. (2 x Paracetamol not included)

matra 3

matra 2

matra 1

The Wings Beneath My Wind

38. BAE Systems

Now for the eagerly awaited final part of our Aerospace Collection.
When I first saw this 70th year Anniversary commemorative mug, I was immediately transported back to my childhood. I swear I had some wallpaper once which was festooned with warplanes and weaponry, so I formed an ibstant emotional connection with it straight off. It’s design and typography is very much in keeping with traditional aviation themes and lends a it a very regal and dare I say it, ‘British’ feel.
As for the mug family, It’s quite like nothing I’ve seen before. After combing the web for inspiration, I’m going to settle on the type ‘Funnel’ (although that doesn’t take into account it’s juttling handle!)  It’s a true one-off.
As for BAE, what do they NOT do:
Maintenance Services |  Modernisation Services  |    Supply Chain Services Training Services  |  Engineering and Information Services  | Facilities and Energy Services |    Availability Services…….

Lastly I’d just like to say a big thank you to the kind Spotter who went above and beyond the call of duty to bring us these Aerospace mug shots. It would be fair to say it was from word of mouth and viewing this humble site which inspired them to get rheir camera out & get involved. It’s very much appreciated.

B A E 1

B A E 2

Chocs Away Chaps!

Axon, Waxoff

37. Axon Online

As we enter this Season of Goodwill we bring you the next thrilling installment of our new Aerospace Collection.
This Newbury variant (with slightly protruding rim) has a nice opaque veneer and whilst the print & logo are not the most inspiring, what I love about it is the one solitary droplet of beverage stain, magically stopped dead in it’s tracks just under the rim.
When we are given/donated mugs to shoot we invariably give them a bit of a valet, removing obvious exterior staining and even chive remnants from larger vessels but this mug was shot on location – ‘Keepin’ it real’ – and it brings a very honest quality to this hard-working mug, which doubtless delivers drink-upon-satisfying-drink to it’s owner.
As for Axon themselves their… “ mission is to work with customers to develop and create innovative and quality electrical systems that enhance their work environment today and in the future.
…and if we turn out an half-decent mug in the process, then that’s a bonus.

Axon Online  1
Behold the droplet, like a solitary tear down
its cheek…..

Cherry On Top

36. Cherry Textron

Mugspotters is very proud to bring you Part One of our brand new “Aerospace” collection.
You could not imagine my excitement as I opened an e-mail from a fellow Spotter this past weekend and caught sight of this photo as it peeled down the screen….
This is one mug-nificent Cambridge! We have only one elevation to present to you but it’s a stunner.
It just looks & feels American. A cool bold logo adorns a gradated blue background, with a wonderfully over-exaggerated Screw-Rivet pulling in from the side. It’s strap line says it all: SST: Superior Sheet Take Up (whatever that is…) It’s doesn’t matter. It’s an exceptional piece and right into the Mugspotters Hall Of Fame.
I am quite concerned however about the top part of the vessel as it looks to be displaying signs of “mug-patina”. The print has worn off the top outer rim, probably due to some heavy duty dishwashing and much supping, which is a shame but does signify that this is someone’s pride and joy and provided some heavy duty beverage service over the years.
There’ll be no doubt though as to who this mug belongs to.  They’ll be wondering through the office with a blue-tinged bottom-lip.
If you search Cherry Textron on the web, it’s reveals a fascinating story.
Buckle up and let me enlighten you….

The Cherry Rivet Company was founded in Los Angeles in 1940.
In 1952, the Cherry Rivet Company moved to Santa Ana, California.
The company was purchased by Townsend in 1951 and then by Textron in 1959.
In 1995, Textron Inc. also acquired Avdel, a UK-based fastener manufacturer.
The following year, the aerospace component of Avdel was combined with the existing Cherry Aerospace operations to form Textron Aerospace Fasteners. In 2003, Textron Aerospace Fasteners was consolidated with the other components of Textron’s fastener companies to form Textron
Fastening Systems, later known as Acument Global Technologies.

And all the Mugspotters said..