Würth It’s Weight In Gold

141. Würth

It’s common knowledge that most of the mugs featured on this blog are Charity Shop salvage or gifted / spotted by our followers but recently the magic of the Internet happened. Following a visit to our humble blog we were contacted by one of the very kind people at Würth in Glasgow who said they’d love to send us one of their mugs  to feature on our site.
The mug was dispatched forthwith & despite the packaging stating ‘fragile’, it was pulverised by the Royal Mail.
As it arrived at Mugspotters HQ the postie sheepishly handed over the package to a soundtrack of clinking porcelain and then slunk off into the late Manchester afternoon sunset. We knew this was not a good omen.
What followed was much wailing and gnashing of teeth as the precious fragments were emptied onto the desk. A nerve-wracking yet primitive time-teamesque reconstruction involving Kragle (see The Lego Movie) ensued and the ‘North face’ of the mug was just about salvageable but the back sadly could not be saved.
Once glued fingertips were rent asunder I took to email and thanked our contact at Würth. A second mug was promised but we can only assume the Royal Mail this time took a shine to it and it’s never made it to our door. A Director-level decision by the Mugspotters board unanimously decided we should go to e-press and publish this entry.

Please forgive the hairline cracks and retouching work. We did the best we could.

Please forgive the hairline cracks and retouching work. We did the best we could.

In reality it’s a lustrously svelte & glossy black Cambridge with Germanic styling and an intriguing motif. Our contact pointed out the ‘W’ in the logo comprises of 2 screw head / tips that they sell. The rear aspect of the mug showed all the critical contact details but these sadly could not be photographed.
According to their website The Würth Group is world market leader in its core business, the trade in assembly and fastening materials. It currently consists of more than 400 companies in over 80 countries with more than 66,000 employees on its payroll. Approximately 30,000 of these are permanently employed sales  representatives. In the business year 2014, the Würth Group generated total sales in excess of EUR 10 billion.
Its site boasts a myriad of products under categories such as (but not limited to:)
Automotive small components & spares
Brazing, soldering & welding
Building materials
Hand tools
Kitchens, bedroom & bathroom equipment
Plumbing & sanitation
Power tools
Vehicle diagnostic systems
Wall fixings
Working equipment

It’s vast but stylishly designed site and anyone with a passing interest in DIY and vehicular maintenance is bound to find it fascinating and you could maybe even become a customer.

Not many mugs we’ve come across have had such a tortuous journey to make it onto this site and this one even paid the ultimate sacrifice & lost its life in the process but I’m sure you’ll all agree the effort has been Würth it.

The glue that binds us together

The glue that binds us together

It’s Not Who You Know, It’s What You Know

123. Exotic Car Collection

This Cool & deadly lustrous black Cambridge is licensed to thrill courtesy of Enterprise. They are veterans of Mugspotters who’ve graced our blog before with their cheap & cheerful Bell, but now they’re back & this time it’s serious.
As far as Bond analogies go, if the Bell was Timothy Dalton, this Cambridge is Daniel Craig.


There doesn’t seem to be a UK website but their (U.S.) variant boasts
“There’s a kind of luxury that doesn’t need to scream and shout. One that’s as much about service as it is style. Luxury that doesn’t just mean exotic cars for any occasion, but giving you personalized white-glove service to meet your needs. Experience exotic car rentals from the brand known for award-winning customer service. Experience Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise.

I literally couldn’t sum it up better! Marques featured include everyday cloggers such as Audi, BMW, Jaguar & Porsche through to high-end Maserati’s & Ferrari’s.
I’m not much of a petrol head, other than I’ll admit to liking Top Gear and Wheeler Dealers,** but I do like mugs and this is one 4.2 litre supercharged, V8 charged beauty.
It’s for those who know, y’ know.

** Check out those Wheeler Dealers Mugs……

Das Mug

113. Volkswagen / Smith Knight Fay


Spotted camper-ing out on a work station, we couldn’t “Passat” “Up” this opportunity to bring you this sensational Sparta for Volkswagen (translated as ‘The Peoples Car’), courtesy of Smith Knight Fay, Hyde Greater Manchester. You’d be hard pressed to find a more iconic and instantly recognisable logo anywhere on Planet Earth.
Founded in Germany, 1937 it began trading as a luxury car brand but once Hitler annexed the company (the same he did with a few countries) he ordered the churning out of cars for the people and the rest is, as they say, history.
Despite it’s murky origins, VW continues to be a world-famous brand and the Golf, Passat & Beetle are amongst the 10 most popular cars on the road today. I’m no VW aficionado but one of their most iconic vehicles is the VW Camper and especially the ‘Holy Grail’ Split-screen model. If you have never been in a Split-screen camper, for effect, here is the mug as seen from the front seat of that very vehicle.

VW split screen

Hello John gotta new Mug?

98. RAC

The Royal Automobile Club make their second appearance on our site with this charming Cambridge. Apparently they seem to “Love to Drive”. I do not, therefore I’m open to offers for this trinket.


It's a good clean runner

It’s a good clean runner

Will suit first time Mugspotter. One previous owner; Nice two-colour artwork to rear. Ideal for Tea; Coffee; Hot Chocolate, Herbal tea; Hot Malt; Bovril, Hot Cordial.
Good sized handle; Slightly stained interior.
Dishwashable. Microwaveable. Low Insurance. Zero Tax. No time wasters.
First to see will surely drink from it.
All enquiries to http://www.mugspotters.com

The Time Is Now

79. Lantrain #2

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.Taylor  Swift  err sorry Mother Theresa.
Mugspotters is not usually seen as a platform on which our team expresses our deep views on life but the above quote seems timely due to the fact the very kind & generous folk at Lancaster Training Services liked our Mirror Signal Mugnoeuvre post so much they got in touch via the site and sent us these superb images of their newly realised Cambridge.
Fans of the original will denote that the cool vehicular graphics and logo are retained however there is now a very urgent message adorning its South face: THE CLOCK IS TICKING!  Driver CPC. Get Qualified. Stay Qualified.  So, all industrial vehicle driving Mugspotters, what’re you waiting for? If you need Driver CPC – contact Lancaster Training Services at www.lantrain.co.uk.

Lantrain2013 2

Lantrain2013 3

I Should CoCo

77.  Copart

Oh Yes. Everything you’ve heard is true.
It’s been the the worst kept secret on social media in recent weeks but we’re back after an almost 4 month hiatus, ready to bring you again the very best in tasteful trade earthenware.
This Cambridge courtesy of Copart is a pretty understated affair. The white-on-dark blue printjob is a trade favourite and seen elsewhere on the blog in the guise of Veecam amongst others. We’ve been starved of product in these tough economic times so I’m just grateful we’re back on the scoresheet as it were.
Copart themselves “sell thousands of vehicles via online auctions. Search for cars, bikes, vans, HGV’s, agriculture & plant – used and salvaged autos…”  Basically an on-line scrap yard.

Co-Copart, hard done by you.....Some things look better, baby, just passing through...

Co-Copart, hard done by you…..Some things look better, baby, just passing through…



74. Matra Datavision
Pandora’s Box now comes with a handle in the shape of this rammed Sparta, courtesy of Matra Datavison. There’s no web address on this vessel, which means it must be old but considering one of its boasts is CAD (Computer Aided Design) we thought this rather odd, so Spotters took to the Information SuperHighway to find out more.

Before we knew it we were embroiled in the world of French automobiles, aeronautics and weaponry..
In 1994, it became a subsidiary of the Largardiere Group and now operates under that name.
OMG – oh and yes, Matra Datavison are members of O M G (Object Management Group – whatever that is?)

If you too have no life, feel free to peruse the links. It’s a truly baffling netherworld of acronyms and jargon that must mean something to someone on this planet. On one page of their site it asks if you want the content translating into Ukranian, which quite frankly would have made about as much sense to me as the English version anyway!

Thankfully, whatever we do and wherever we are in life, we all get thirsty so let’s celebrate the reason we’re looking at this site in the first place…the mug. (2 x Paracetamol not included)

matra 3

matra 2

matra 1

Mirror, Signal, Mugneouvre

70. Lancaster Training Services

Comparing Action movie actors to Trade mugs, I’d say the Sparta is very much like Stallone or Schwarzenegger. They’ve been around the block. Their heyday was in years gone by.  They’re an old macho favourite but have been away from the scene now for quite a while. Once a mainstay of this site, newer, more dynamic vessels have filled the gap left in their absence. Such as the ‘Bell’ (Jason Statham) or the ‘Cambridge’ (Daniel Craig.)

However the Sparta will not be beat and it muscles back on to Mugspotters in the shape of this blockbuster, courtesy of Lancaster Training Services. This is a 2-colour on white widescreen epic. One elevation features all your contact details, but spin it round and you’re greeted with a fantastic array of vehicular diagrammatics featuring lots of letters.
The wondrous pics speak for themselves but here is a guide to some of the Acronyms & names mentioned therein:

B + E:  Combinations of vehicles consisting of a vehicle in category B and a trailer over 750kg.
PCV:  A passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) with 9 to 16 passenger seats (Category D1)
Lorry Loader – Basically a grab lorry and more interesting than its namesake, the dreckfest pop band, Toploader.
LGV: Large Goods Vehicle
C & C + E:  C holders up to the test standard enabling them to take the practical LGV C+E driving test.
F L T: Fork Lift Truck

In fact here is a song I’ve just wrote about HGV Driver Training. (Sung to the tune of Aretha Franklin’s Respect)

B + E & C + E
Find out what it means to me
C & C + LGV
Take care … PCV

Socket to me
Socket to me
Socket to me
Socket to me

(Repeat to fade)

Driver Training 1

How wondrous thou art…

Driver Training 2

Driver Training 4

Driver Training 3

A Spanner In The Works

63. Scania Assistance

An opportunistic sighting here (the first since L12) but this time our avid spotters actively sought permission to get the shot and no doubt utterly perplexed its owner as to the reasons why they just needed to capture the mug for posterity. (That must have been some conversation!) It certainly is a curious specimin.
Without being mug-ist, what springs to mind when you think of Scania?  Trucks. Dirty big ones. Bodyshops. Mechanics. Roadside Recovery Crews. Even the mug itself features a spanner.
Yet they have chosen the Deco, one of the more  refined and dare I say it, “feminine” of mug designs with which to promote their services.  If I was a betting Spotter I’d have sunk my money on a Sparta all day long!
Nonetheless its a great addition to the blog and sincere thanks go to its owner and the intrepid Spotters for selflessly risking their reputations to get the all important photo.

Scania Mug

In Need Of A Pick Me Up

61. Enterprise Car Hire

If you’ve missed having any updates from Mugspotters this week and are in need of a pick me up, then we have the perfect tonic for you in the shape of this classy little number courtesy of Enterprise Car Hire.
In porcelain circles it’s known as a ‘Bell’, (titter ye not…..) which incidentally makes it’s debut on the site.

U.S.owned Enterprise are a big player in the insurance market. These guy’s USP is that when you’re in need of a hire car and you’re ready to do the deed, they’ll come and pick you up from home, drive you to their branch and once you’ve signed but declined their collision damage waiver exess, you then drive away in your Vauxhall Insignia.
Their ‘Pick You Up’ service (so good they’ve trademarked it!) appears to be a bit of an odd process but you can see how it saves them fuel, resource & time, time which is better spent back at the branch supping a hot beverage from one of their rather lush ‘Bells’.


Ding, dong…..