Go With The Flow

88. Flowflex Lamontite

This mug is a real throwback to hardcore-trade artefacts that we haven’t seen on our pages for some time now. Our cornerstone is built on wilfully obscure companies or products, the likes of which you’ve never heard of and that for me, is the true thrill of the hunt. The real joy is coming across a difficult brand or unfashionable product, yet its creators saw fit to commission a mug bearing its signage, just like this stunted-Cambridge. Let’s face it the first time you saw this mug you thought “What (or even who) in the name of all things ceramic is Flowflex Lamontite?”
And thank goodness for the internet where a few keystrokes into a search engine reveals they are in fact purveyors of plumbing components with a site choc-full of double-entendres which end up sounding like the script to ‘Carry On Plumbing’…

Back Nuts, Flange Plugs, Stop End, Straight Coupling, Cap Nuts, Solder Ring, End Feed, Full Crossover, Blank Nuts  (That’s enough! -Ed.)

Oohh err Mugspotters!


Flowflex 2

Flowflex 3