I Spy With My Little Eye

133. The Cotswold Group

Mugspotters gets down & dirty with the seedy underbelly of Insurance Fraud: Cash for Crash; L.S.I.  (No,  not “Love Sex Intelligence” as once performed by The Shamen)  Low Speed Impacts;  Slam-Ons;  Slips & Trips; Staged Accidents; Over-Inflated Contents Claims…. Let this post be a lesson the any of our readers who are thinking of committing that most innocent of crimes, insurance fraud. The Cotswold Group are watching. And as they do, they sip their hot beverages housed in their glacial promo Cambridge, noted for its elongated handle, which incidentally is trending in kilns everywhere in 2015. We especially approve of its ‘Roving Eye’ graphic. It’s a bit like Big Brother, which come the think of it is probably the intention. It seems to follow you round the room. I wager there may even a tracking device or micro-camera embedded in the earthenware. cotswold1 Big brother Cotswold Eye
For those interested, here is some background on TCG:
“With 25 years of experience we are the UK and Europe’s leading Investigation  company providing exceptional results through our specialist investigation and intelligence services. In April 2011 the company was acquired by G4S plc as G4S Investigation Solutions (UK) Ltd but we continue to trade as The Cotswold Group.  (Good job really, given G4S’s reputation.) We specialise in intelligence led fraud and liability investigations across the public and private sector, working for a range of industries, including some of the world’s largest insurance companies, corporate businesses and local authorities”.

So, the next time you’re thinking of submitting that dodgy insurance claim, go on punks, make their day!


81.  G4S: Investigation Solutions


Not for one minute do I suspect visitors to our humble web-space are all fraudulent crooks but let me reassure you, we have G4S looking out for us.
Just picture the scene. The intrepid investigator has been on an all-night stake out, their senses dulled and jaded, just waiting for the perp/fraudster to make their move..they reach out to their receptacle housing a refreshing hot beverage which invigorates and stimulates their…….. (err: enough Ed.)
Before this blog post starts turning into an Elmore Leonard novel, take time to ponder on this Newbury variant, with it’s tasteful logo including the ‘4’ ghosted out. I rather like this entry. The logo is of a good size and makes best use of the white space it operates in. The Newbury too is a classy mug, slightly thin in girth so ensure you partake of its contents before they go cold.
Anyway, onto the company themselves. Their web-blurb states:
G4S Investigation Solutions specialises in the investigation of fraud across the public and private sector, working for some of world’s largest insurance companies, retailers and local authorities. Our expertise allows us to help our clients combat the many and changing faces of fraud.

So, if you’re thinking of committing any type of fraud, think twice.
You could go from Mugspot to Mugshot!


The Thrill Of The Hunt

78.    Predator

Here we are at least  45 days away from the Christmas but I genuinely thought it had come early this year when I spotted this trophy trade mug bearing the name of one of my all time favourite movie monsters!
Granted, the dark blue blue colour is so 2012 (yawn) and the logo is a bit on the tame side but it at least gives me the opportunity to shoe-horn a bit of sci-fi punnery into the entry.
Rather than sporting a dreadlocked, mandible festooned, shoulder-cannon wearing alien, the north face of the mug carries what looks like a crumpled ‘Dusty Bin’. Also the ‘Rugged With Style’ strapline reads a little like my own personal statement.
Spin this bad boy around and it reveals a teasing web address:
So, we’re taking surveillance and it’s here we see the “The” Predator in all it’s glory. It looks like a distant relation to the robots from the 1970’s “Smash” Packet-mix potato Ads. (For Mash get Smash)
However, this little droid packs a mighty punch as the blurb reads: “All Predators offer exceptional quality and reliability, have auto-configuration setup, intelligent OSD access. Our motors offer virtually silent and totally smooth operation with incredibly accurate preset positioning….”

If it bleeds, we can kill it...

If it bleeds, we can kill it…


Now that's what I call a logo.

Now that’s what I call a logo.





Persides The Point

58.  persideS

It’s official. This is the worst logo on the blog.
It’s a typographers nightmare. A low-slung capital ‘P’ tops the logo and a capital ‘S’ tails it, complete with requisite mauve swooshes.

Naff logo aside,  a quick visit to their website reveals persideS are the creators of a product familiar to Spotters already. The, dare I say it, ‘RuggedisedVEECAM.

The rear of the Cambridge features a floating diagramatic visual of the companies strrengths:  Management; Technology; Products; Support.
High-end Trade earthenware was notably absent from this roll-call.
It’s almost printed straight as well.

What a way to end 2012 and in indeed our Advent onslaught of hot Mug-action. I literally have nothing left in the pantry. No more mugs in reserve. Back to the charity shops next weekend to see what I can dredge up.

In the meantime may I wish Spotters everywhere a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2013!

perisides 1

persides    2

Tuff Enuff

55. VeeCam

Our more stealthy Spotters will know we are no strangers to the world of hi-tech, deep cover surveillance and we proudly unveil our latest entry into this murky genre, for VeeCam.
This Cambridge is finished in Black (Ops) with the Logo & strap on one side, with the rear throwing down the gauntlet in the shape of the intimidatory, “It’s tough enough, are you…”
Tough enough for what I wonder…

Veecam’s site refers to it’s fully digital video product as ‘Ruggedised’.
I for one am not sure such a word exists other than on their website and the fact I’ve just typed it here.  That said, it’s a word I’ll be looking to adopt in 2013.
It may even be shoe-horned into future posts…

Over and out.


Veecam 1

Tuff Enuff?

Tuff Enuff?



Simply City

49. Simplicity

If you were brought here and you’re from the blue-side of Manchester hoping this post was related to the tennants of the Etihad Stadium, I apologise.
On the other hand if you’re a Mugspotter stealthily seeking more deep, deep undercover Black Ops-related earthenware, set your night-vision goggles on this Cambridge from the makers of Chili ESM

One elevation features the Synetics cool 50’s style logo whilst the other side simply features err,  Simplicity.
I was wondering what the Red-Dot was at the end of the logo until I realised it was a snipers laser-guided sight….
Must go. Spotters HQ is about to be stormed.

Simplicity Itself

Simplicity Itself

Synetics 1

Red Hot Chili

44.  Chili Body Worn ESM

This is truly an astounding spot.
When I first laid eyes in this I didn’t even know what Chili was but I just loved the design & print on this Cambridge. I’m loving the Red slab with the logo bleeding out and nice justified strap line. What was even more thrilling was to learn that Chili ESM is body worn Electronic Support Measure technology, specifically designed to assist warfighters with ‘threat warnings’ and ‘full spectral surveillance’!

This is pure Black Ops territory here. It’s not everyday you get a trade mug promoting such high-end wares. I only wish I could have something developed which could help me easily spot trade mugs in the office/charity shop/flea market.
But then again, it’s all about the thrill of the hunt….

Chili Body Worn ESM

Chili Warfighter