Feed Me, Feed Me Now!

45. A & A Peate Limited

That’s the beauty & diversity of Mugspotters.
One minute your waxing lyrical over full spectral surveillance, the next you’re scratching your head trying to think about interesting /witty things to say about animal feeds. Which Incidentally I can’t think of anything so we’ll let the earthenware do the talking.
Opinion is divided in Spotters HQ over this Gold-on-Blue Cambridge (quickly overtaking the Sparta as the most common mug design on the site). Some are raving about the design and feel but personally I struggle with drinking from dark coloured mugs and I’m not sure gold is best suited to such a dark hue.
However full marks are to be awarded for using all the space available with a fetching illustration of Maesbury Hall Mill, Oswestry.
A & A Peate Ltd are still going strong and here’s hoping they can make it to 2046 so they can celebrate their 200 year anniversary in the feed industry.

A and A Peate Ltd