Love At First Sitex

23. SitexOrbis

This Mug was made for this site!
This exciting Triptych treat is an absolute classic and ticks many boxes in what makes a Trade Mug a piece of art:
– A cool sounding company with snazzy logo
– Information overload
– err..that’s it!
However it’s much more than a calling card. It’s 3 elevations are rammed with stats, multiple media contact information, Unique Selling Points, percentages, accolades and much, much more….
and all of this is seated on a shiny black Cambridge. This is a great action-packed Trade Mug and in my opinion, one of the very best to grace this blog so far!
Once again many thanks to my freelance Wirral-roving, Mugspotting brother who is single-handedly keeping this blog going with his quality spottage.
If award-winning “Vacant Property Protection” & “Code 5 Lone Worker Protection” are your bag, check out their Sitex.


Sitex 2

Sitex 3