Don’t Be A Mug

92. VSEL Employee Consortium

Sometimes the headlines just write themselves.
Usually I’d be extolling the virtues of the front of a mug but it’s the derriere of this jaunty Lincoln which grabs the attention.
‘Don’t Be A Mug.’
It’s the first time I’ve seen humour (or is it a threat?) used on such a VesSEL and this reinforces the frontal elevation’s call to arms: ‘Share In The Action’.
Now with such a bold statement I’d expect the ‘VSEL Employee Consortium’ to be an adrenaline-fuelled thrill ride of an organisation but it transpires they are an Employee led company born out of the advent of both Vickers Shipbuilders & Camel Laird withdrawing from the private sector to form a new company which floated (ahem) on the Stock Exchange in 1985. Since 2007 the consortium is now known as “BAE Systems Submarine Solutions”. It is not known if their share price took a dive as a result.



Vsel 1

Vsel 2

Vsel 3

…Just don’t!