A Local Mug For Local People

59.  Glossop Traders Association

Now I’ll not have a bad word said against Glossop (Pronounced GLOSS-UP by anyone living in North Manchester). The sheer mention of the town is enough to set banjo’s duelling  but honestly there’s at least 4 good things I can think of to come out of Glossop:

–       The A57.

–       C-86  Jangly popsters The Bodines ( I still have all the vinyls!)

–       Glossop Caravans – although native Glossopians (Pronounced Gloss-oap-ians) argue it’s not actually IN Glossop and hey are just using the name of the town to generate interest. I’m not sure but they have an almighty logo!

–       This Mug.

And what a curio it is.
Small in stature and with its ‘tight’ handle it cuts the figure of a mid-size Sheraton. It’s produced to commemorate or promote Glossop Market Traders hosting a  Victorian Weekend (in 1984? but the caligraphy is so bad I can’t tell), which I thought was pretty much like every weekend spent there! Gold leaf adorns the rim and print work sits slantedly to one side of the mug, leaving the other side cruelly exposed.
Novelty or Trade? I’m not 100% sure but here it is.

Glossop 2

Glossop 1

Glossop 3