Obscurity Knocks

122. Linsco Recruitment

Thanks be to our to our roving Spotter covering South Manchester & the Peak District, who bravely snapped this intriguing but ultimately obscured Atlantic whilst on their travels.
Linsco 3 Linsco 1

On location in its natural kitchenette habitat, it looks unloved and some japester (or downright lazy article) seems to have stuffed a disused St*rbucks Sheath in it’s aperture for comic effect. It’s not abuse on the scale of some of our previous mugspots but it certainly needs a de-sheath and thorough valet before normal beverage consumption can be partaken again. Somewhere under the cardboard and tea-stains is a very credible mug waiting to get out.

As for Linsco, according to the earthenware. they have branches in locations where there was once a top-flight football team (Nottingham, Coventry, Sheffield) and err London.  Amongst other things their web-blab states:
“Because we are an independently owned, local company we all take a personal pride in the level of service we offer, and the excellent enduring business relationships we have developed are testament to this. We aim to nurture long-term business relationships; we see no point in securing in business that only leads to short-term financial gain. We will always advise our clients if a certain position is going to be difficult for us to fill.”

Which might I add, sounds refreshingly honest!

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