74. Matra Datavision
Pandora’s Box now comes with a handle in the shape of this rammed Sparta, courtesy of Matra Datavison. There’s no web address on this vessel, which means it must be old but considering one of its boasts is CAD (Computer Aided Design) we thought this rather odd, so Spotters took to the Information SuperHighway to find out more.

Before we knew it we were embroiled in the world of French automobiles, aeronautics and weaponry..
In 1994, it became a subsidiary of the Largardiere Group and now operates under that name.
OMG – oh and yes, Matra Datavison are members of O M G (Object Management Group – whatever that is?)

If you too have no life, feel free to peruse the links. It’s a truly baffling netherworld of acronyms and jargon that must mean something to someone on this planet. On one page of their site it asks if you want the content translating into Ukranian, which quite frankly would have made about as much sense to me as the English version anyway!

Thankfully, whatever we do and wherever we are in life, we all get thirsty so let’s celebrate the reason we’re looking at this site in the first place…the mug. (2 x Paracetamol not included)

matra 3

matra 2

matra 1