If Mugs Had Ears

39. Midland Bank (aka The Listening Bank)

Spotters, it can’t have escaped you we’re now well into the Season of Goodwill and courtesy of a very generous benefactor we have a plethora of Trade earthenware hitting this site in the coming weeks so grab some mulled wine, slap on the NOW Christmas CD and peruse….

This vintage Atlantic is a mug of 2 halves:
The first hits you full-on with some pure early 90’s typography and graphic flourishes. The second features a much more restrained elevation, making nice use of white space with just the logo nestling at the foot of the vessel.
It even features the once-famous Midland Logo, proving there were Griffins in existence well before “Family Guy” was a twinkle in Seth MacFarlanes eye.
The Midland Bank were once a familiar institition on Britains highstreet but were annexed by HSBC in 1999 and so this mug would have been servicing banking yuppies back when the interest rate was 15%!

My only interest however is the mug itself.

Midland Bank

The Listening Bank

Midland  Griffin