Just Another (Mug On A) Brick In The Wall

121. Tarragon:    A CBT Company

Post-NYE Mugspotters HQ looks like Godzilla has just trampled through it. However some of us like to be kept on our toes and so go first-footing into 2015 with some Alfresco action courtesy of our Bury-Based branch, in the form of this lilting Cambridge for “Tarragon”. Not for one minute do I think it’s expounding the virtues of the popular and versatile herb from whose slender stem sprouts narrow, tapering and slightly floppy leaves which have an intense flavour that’s a unique blend of sweet aniseed and a mild vanilla. Not on your Nelly.!

Note what appears to be bird muck under the base

Note what appears to be bird muck under the base

So what of Tarragon, the brand? They appear to be a U.S. firm specialising in CBTs – or Computer-Based Training with some tentative link back into the UK via http://www.insightgroup.co.uk/.  Having looked at their swanky website I’m struggling to (a.k.a losing the will to) make a connection. If BBC’s Sherlock creators & writers Stephen Moffat & Mark Gatiss are running short of ideas maybe they can form this teasing puzzle into an Episode for Sherlock: Season 4?

I hate to temper the mood here but it is with sadness I can also reveal the mug itself never survived the photo-shoot. Such are the risks of outdoor photography. Neither was it insured. The vessel was somehow dislodged and smashed, so this is the last-known photo of this doomed Cambridge.

Finally may I take this opportunity wish all our Spotters, readers, followers, fellow bloggers & fans a very Happy New Year!