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101. Equity Homes

Well, this all feels a lot like a case of ‘After The Lord Mayors Show’. The Mugspotters Office is carnage. The place is strewn with party poppers, Burger King litter, the odd Radlers bottle & a smattering of Trade Mugs. Several colleagues are slumped over their desks barely conscious. Others lollop around like extras from the Walking Dead. There has been some hard partying since we posted our 100th Mug. I’m sure you’ll
all agree that just like the Ambassador and his Ferrero Rochers, we’ve been spoiling you of late. There have been some truly epic mugspots posted over these past few weeks but we know, it’s only now that the hard work begins again, ensuring we continue bringing you  top earthenware treats. Complacency is the enemy.
So after much hullabaloo, parity is restored in the shape of this well-turned Sparta for Equity Homes.
This is more like it. A return to the mundane. An obscure brand sat floating on a classic white backdrop with a bolstering ‘Inspired Living’ strapline on its hind quarters.
Equity Homes .. (insert boiler plate mission statement that has to include the word ‘Communities’ – otherwise now referred to as The ‘C’ Word)
…are is based in Stockport, managing high quality homes for rent and
shared ownership across a number of areas.By providing homes and high value services we improve the quality of lives for 4,700 households.
We provide the secure foundation for people to realise their potential. With the development of the Equity Foundation, the positive impact that the Group is having on communities and peoples lives continues to increase.
Their website even has a cool interactive feature where you can ‘Ask Amy’ (quite what I’m not sure?)

Hi Amy. Do You come here often? What are you wearing? How can I kick my Candy Crush addiction?

Hi Amy. Do You come here often? What are you wearing?
How can I kick my Candy Crush addiction?

However there is late-breaking news from the Equity website:
“We’d like to remind all our customers that between 1st May and 30th September, we operate a Summer Months Emergency Policy. It means that during this time, having no hot water and no heating is not classed as a 24 hour emergency.”
So if you’re in this boat, advise you to drink cordial and suck extra strong mints for warmth.

An Equitable mug

An Equitable mug

Equity 2