Intensive Care

111. Manchester Royal Infirmary 1752 – 2002

Mugspotters is honoured to bring you this well-proportioned Commemorative Newbury for the Manchester Royal Infirmary. (MRI) It was formed in 1752 with just 12 beds in a small house in the city centre. The stippled Sepia Illustration on the mug looks like it was etched in about 1783 judging by the jutting beard of the carer as this was all the rage approaching the 1800’s.

Royal Manc 1
Of course this is a far cry from the gargantuan beast that is the MRI today, whose PR tells us ….”they are a large teaching hospital for Manchester University’s Medical School, and a specialist regional centre for kidney and pancreas transplants, haematology and sickle cell disease. Their Heart Centre is a major provider of cardiac services in the region, specialising in cardiothoracic surgery  and cardiology. The Accident & Emergency Department sees around 145,000 patients each year.  (I wonder how many of these were degenerate drunks?)

The MRI go on to boast of many medical breakthroughs, the most recent being the first in the UK  to carry out urology surgery using a handheld robotic device and fully 3D system.  They have also celebrated becoming the first centre to implant 1,000 cochlear implants and carry out 4,000 renal transplants.
The Manchester Diabetes Centre was established in April 1988 and was the first of its kind in the UK and our Heart Centre boasts a Rapid Access Blackout clinic, believed to be the first in the world. The MRI, together with Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital are the only hospitals in the region which undertake kidney transplantation and in 2008 the MRI celebrated 4000 transplants over 40 years of service.

That is some calling card. Of course, Mancs have a great sense of humour and below is a poster of perennial crock, Owen Hargreaves, who was famed for spending most of his unfortunate football career at both Manchester United & Manchester City injured. He was given the honour of adorning this quite funny billboard. When Owen finally retired, the MRI were quite sad to see him go but need not have worried too much  as Robin Van Persie took no time in taking up the offer of filling his comfy hospital bed.

Manc royal 2