The Chicken Or The Egg Or The Fitted Kitchen?

72. Howdens of Buxton

Talk about first impressions….
When I first saw this Sparta I thought Howdens manufactured animal feeds but my research (alright, a quick web search) revealed they are actually a joinery company! Why use a chicken and what is it’s significance…?
It’s all very intriguing and there seems to be no explanation on their sites here & here, but they certainly are one provinence-proved organisation.

The last thing I want is this post to become a poultry attempt at shoe-horning as many clucking puns in as I can…
Ignoring the avian curveball, it’s a very respectable mug. A generous size logo and bold fonts are used to good effect to adorn both elevations.

This was an ‘in situ’ spot by colleagues who asked it’s owner for permission the capture the vessel as it stood but it’s owner, bless them, set about washing it to make it presentable for it’s Internet debut, as you can possibly tell by the rivulets of water cascading down it’s gleaming elevation.
Thanks go to both my colleagues for their bold actions and the mugs’ owner for the chance to share this trinket with you all.

Howdens 1

If anyone knows why the Chicken is used, please post a comment…