Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

76.  Interaction Recruitment

What sets this exciting Marrow apart from the legions of other Recruitment mugs festooning this site is that this is the first time we’ve had a mug from a company that is, and I quote, “Recruiter HOT 100: UK Number 1 Recruiter – Recruiter Magazine.”
Plus, any mention of the word HOT brings out mixed emotions for us in the UK as this signifies weather we just never get to enjoy anymore but it’s also a great excuse to revisit the 1982 calypso-tinged magnum opus, HOT HOT HOT by Arrow. Whatever your taste in music there’s no denying that if you click this link you won’t spend the rest of the day mouthing this tune!
On the subject of a hot one, mine’s tea, 2 sugars….

Interact 1

interact 2