Girl Power

104.  Anniversary of the Girl Guides  [1910 – 1985]

Maths was never my strong suite but this mug is ancient. It’s almost antique!
The Girl Guides have had their 100th Anniversary in the time it’s taken for this mug to surface and make it to our blog.
This actually makes a lovely companion-piece to our earlier posted trinket which was brought to you by the numbers 2, 1 & 0 in various combinations.

In 2014 AD, red-hot off the press, the Brownie/Girl Guide Motto  has just been upgraded & remixed to:

I promise that I will do my best,
To be true to myself and develop my beliefs,
To serve the Queen and my community, (stifles yawn)
To help other people
To keep the Brownie Guide Law.

On a personal note, this is not the first time now where Trade Mugs and my personal musical tastes collide. What is endearing about this revealing pronto-Lincoln (more like Abraham Lincoln given it’s primitive etchings) is my mind was drawn to similar drawings for the corporate artwork for LEGENDARY Scottish Record label, Postcard.
One elevation features a Girl Guide in 1910 but then spin it round and without the aid of a TARDIS but simply the magic of illustrative power, you’re transported to 1985. The difference is amazing. You’d never think it was the same girl!



1985 - You Go Girl!

1985 – You Go Girl!


Postcard Records: The Sound Of Young Scotland

Postcard Records: The Sound Of Young Scotland