If You Go Down In The Woods Today…

…You Get A Strange Sense Of Deja Vu…

66. Forrest Recruitment

No your eyes do not deceive you.
Nor will we be likened to the BBC by keep on filling our blogdule with repeat spottage!

Yes, we have been here before in recent times celebrating Forrests Silver anniversary mug but that flawed Racing Green number hasn’t got a patch on this much cleaner 2 colour-on-white variant. It’s almost a ‘lift & shift’ from it’s sister vessel but this looks more like a strain of Newbury, as opposed to the earlier Atlantic. The strap is white reversed out of the green slug running across it base and the branch list makes for a clear & gripping read.
This is altogether much more pleasing to the eye and a lot more legible all round. I make no apologies for this post and I think provides a wonderful opportunity to compare and contrast the 2 mugs.

Which is best?….In my mind there’s only one winner.

Forrest 2 - 1

Forrest 2 - 2

Forrest 2 - 3

No contest I’m afraid…

Can’t See The Wood For The Trees

54. Forrest Recruitment

Mugspotters sees its first ‘Racing Green’ entry in the shape of this Atlantic courtesy of Forrest Recruitment.
Why Gold type has been chosen to promote their Silver Anniversary is an odd choice but this ‘Limited Edition’ jubilee mug manages to pull off the trick of looking really old despite it only being produced in 2010.
The rear elevation shows a list of Forrest’s North West based offices, which is always good to see on a mug.
Time has not been kind and sadly some of the intricate printwork has already started to dissipate leaving users with a rare case of what we Spotters call ‘Goldfinger’.

Forrest  1

Forrest   2

Goldfinger, he's the man, the man with the err, golden finger......

Goldfinger, he’s the man, the man with the err, golden finger……