Caught In Possession*

127. Co-operative Insurance

It’s hard to know where to start with the sorry tale of the Co-Op. (pronounced Cworrrp) The once ethical right-on bank has to a degree been battered and tarnished by ill conceived take-overs, allegations of financial corruption and a crystal methodist chairman.*
Damage limitation is taking place as they look to annex Manchester’s Norther Quarter under the guise of their NOMA project but I’d rather look back to the time when the brand once had a shred of credibility and they were involved in the beautiful game of football.
Our weathered Cambridge celebrates Cworrps Insurance arm as being an “Official Partner of the Premier League”, plus sponsors of a Cup competition North of the Border.
Blackburn shirt
One upon a time, CIS Insurance once sponsored Blackburn Rovers. Famously in 1995 Kenny Dalglish, bank-rolled by Chairman Jack Walkers millions, won the Premier League for this under achieveing Lancashire Club. They had a great squad back then but spearheading the attack and grabbing all the headlines were the SAS: (Chris) Sutton & (Alan) Shearer. What a pairing they were! A total goal machine. In fact, I’d go on record to say Alan Shearer is my all time favorite footballer and will be proud to tell my great grandchildren that I was around to see him play in his prime. A true legend.

Can the same be said about this all-action Cambridge?
It’s borderline ‘Promo’ but goal line technology has confirmed there are enough Trade elements plastered around its periphery to make it a…. G-O-A-L.    The Mugsupporters are going wild.
They think it’s all over. It is now.




Obscurity Knocks

122. Linsco Recruitment

Thanks be to our to our roving Spotter covering South Manchester & the Peak District, who bravely snapped this intriguing but ultimately obscured Atlantic whilst on their travels.
Linsco 3 Linsco 1

On location in its natural kitchenette habitat, it looks unloved and some japester (or downright lazy article) seems to have stuffed a disused St*rbucks Sheath in it’s aperture for comic effect. It’s not abuse on the scale of some of our previous mugspots but it certainly needs a de-sheath and thorough valet before normal beverage consumption can be partaken again. Somewhere under the cardboard and tea-stains is a very credible mug waiting to get out.

As for Linsco, according to the earthenware. they have branches in locations where there was once a top-flight football team (Nottingham, Coventry, Sheffield) and err London.  Amongst other things their web-blab states:
“Because we are an independently owned, local company we all take a personal pride in the level of service we offer, and the excellent enduring business relationships we have developed are testament to this. We aim to nurture long-term business relationships; we see no point in securing in business that only leads to short-term financial gain. We will always advise our clients if a certain position is going to be difficult for us to fill.”

Which might I add, sounds refreshingly honest!

Linsco Logo