In Need Of A Pick Me Up

61. Enterprise Car Hire

If you’ve missed having any updates from Mugspotters this week and are in need of a pick me up, then we have the perfect tonic for you in the shape of this classy little number courtesy of Enterprise Car Hire.
In porcelain circles it’s known as a ‘Bell’, (titter ye not…..) which incidentally makes it’s debut on the site.

U.S.owned Enterprise are a big player in the insurance market. These guy’s USP is that when you’re in need of a hire car and you’re ready to do the deed, they’ll come and pick you up from home, drive you to their branch and once you’ve signed but declined their collision damage waiver exess, you then drive away in your Vauxhall Insignia.
Their ‘Pick You Up’ service (so good they’ve trademarked it!) appears to be a bit of an odd process but you can see how it saves them fuel, resource & time, time which is better spent back at the branch supping a hot beverage from one of their rather lush ‘Bells’.


Ding, dong…..