Fins Ain’t What They Used To Be

115. Tetra: Bringing People & Fish Together For 50 Years

First things first.
Just who in the world of promotional earthenware thought it was a good idea to print Gold on Dark Blue?

Tetra 1 Tetra 3
We’re well over 100 mugspots now and I can no longer hide my feelings on this subject. I have to say this is the worst print combo ever! You all know now how much I live for salvaging mugs from rescue centres & charity shops and swear as I picked this specimen up out of a heap of discarded dreck, my first thoughts were not “Yes! That’s another one in the bag for Mugspotters” but rather it was ” Oh no! Gold on Dark Blue! How am I ever gonna get a decent photo of this?”
And so I had mixed emotions over this low-key Sparta. It’s a good thing the subject matter is so rich & ripe for analysis & reaction.  I love the way Tetra are coming on like they’re some sort of Gilla Black (Blind Date anyone?..) or an aquatic/human niche variant of   Bringing People and fish together for 50 years.
In what way exactly?

I can just see the ad now….

Man seeks fish. Has own plaice. Well eeled with grey mullet. Hard of herring but still has an ear for a good tuna. Loves to dance, especially ‘The Conger’. No time wasters. Won’t take carp (sic) from anyone. Seeks similar, but with gills. (Ed – That’s enough!)

This kind of man/fish perversion is nothing new.
Back in the 70’s Stan Lee did it in comic form with “Sub-Mariner” and in the same decade Patrick (webbed-hands) Duffy, hot on the heels of his Dallas heart-throb stint, crawled ashore as the ‘Man From Atlantis’.

Sub-Mariner  man from atlantis

And just to address the gender quota, you know mermaids are real anyway. They date back to 1984 when Daryl Hannah was washed up in ‘Splash’. Actually she wasn’t totally washed up until 2008 when she stooped to star in ‘Shark Swarm‘.

Shark Swarm
But sea-riously, Tetra are still THE name in fish food & accessories for all your Pond, Terraristic & Aquatic needs.
Pity about the mug though.

Tetra Logo