A House Is Not A Home

71. Barratt Homes

There was a time dear Spotters (even as recent as the early 90’s) when home ownership in the UK was an attainable dream and one which was within the grasp of many ordinary decent hard-working folk. Recent decades have seen successive terms in power of governments & banks which have frankly quashed, no, obliterated that dream for almost everybody now in the UK with the first rung of the housing ladder out of reach for many people for years & years to come. Before our fair isle economically self-imploded Barratt were one of a number of prolific builders throwing up “desirable” plots of new builds with promises of (Oak leaf scheme) part-exchanges and great deals for first time buyers wowing our imagination with all-action TV adverts, for some reason, involving voice-over men being jetted onto plots on Barratt-liveried helicopters. If you don’t believe me check out this link.
Barratt Pilot
Anyway, a remnant of this golden age of prosperity is this Lincoln, rescued doubtless from one of their now redundant show-houses. At least we here can give this mug a home it so rightfully deserves.

Barratt 1