Bangin’ Mugz

60. B & M Bargains

Banzai-style action with this “up & atcha” Cambridge courtesy of thrift shop chain, B & M Bargains. The Blue & Orange rays scream at you with the B&M logo smack-bang on the front of the mug.  In-yer-face!
At least it brings a little sunshine into this dank, dark & cold January!
Of course in these austere times you can’t saunter through any Arndale or mosey up the High Street without being seduced by a selection of shops with names comprised of at least one or more of the following words:

Home;  Bargain; Pound; World; Land; 99p;

But I say, God bless ‘em. If you have the time & patience shopping at outlets such as these can save you lots of money when compared to Supermarkets.

B&M was founded in Blackpool in 1976 and has gone on to become a familiar name on our high streets moving into premises previously occupied by recession fatalities Woolworths & Au Naturalle (which if you remember sold household nick nicks and soft furnishings.)
Wikipedia reckons more than half of the company’s shoppers are aged over fifty six!  Their mission novel statement is:

It was a dark and stormy night but that didn’t impare our vision because…

“Our vision is by offering a broad range of quality products at very low prices and by continually exciting our customers with fantastic bargains, enhanced by superb retail standards, to provide a pleasurable shopping experience which prompts customers to return again and again to a B&M Store.”

Wow.  That’s Booker Prize stuff!

They do look to have a website but it’s view only. You have to hit the high street or retail parks to grab your bargains.
Getting back to retail, the only other growth area on the High Street are Charity Shops, which incidentally was where I snared this mug. Ironically it was only 30p, which is 70p cheaper than if I’d got it if from a ‘Pound’ shop.
I’ll drink to that!




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