How Many Students Can You Get In A Mini?

52.  ATL: The Education Union

Since when has ‘Everyone Else’s Doing It..” been a good reason for doing something?
This stone-washed Cambridge is a real head-scratcher.
Just what was the logic behind sticking a pencil shaded picture of an ancient Mini on there rammed with what looks like dismembered body parts?
Rather than a rallying call for new members it plays out as if it were a nightmare in a damaged brain.
Thankfully a bit of sanity returns on the other elevation with signage and contact details. The washed out yellow band across its base worries me too. The mug really is that faded in real life. It’s either been through the wash too many times or it could be deliberately designed that way. You can’t assume anything with this mug. There’s clearly some sort of warped logic at play here but I can’t figure out what.

If none of this wierdness puts you off the thought of joining the ATL, check out their site Here.

What Is This?

What Is This?

ATL  2