Learning The Hard Way

124. Halton Borough Council

More on-location spotting here brought to you courtesy of our Merseyside Branch.  (They really should get danger-money!)
The Mug is unspectacular. It’s a single colour-on-white bread Sparta but what’s striking here is the bold decision on the use of the typeface. Yes, it’s the font everyone loves to hate, Comic Sans. One saving grace is that at least it’s not in italic!

Comic sans Halton 1

It takes some cahonies to go out there with this!  Maybe using such lightweight & childish font is aiming at the demographic who do want to brush up on “there maffs ‘n’ inglish skillz.”
Even the South face of the mug bears a primitive exercise book which looks to me like something they’d teach you in Hogwarts.
I suppose in this day and age you can probably get by in life without learning to read or write because we have technology now where you can just ask questions, no matter how stupid:
“Err Google, what is the colour of a zebra?”
“Err Google, err, is that my elbow at the top of my legs?”
“Err Google, err. where is my err toilet….” (you get the picture)
Anyway those of you who prefer social intercourse & want to avail yourselves of Halton Borough Councils Services can call them on the number listed on the mug, providing you can at least read it.
If not, why not go off & have a chat with your Android Tablet or iPad.

Halton council 1

Halton council 2