Mutt Vinyl or Mutt Silk?

138. Dulux

As promised in our recent UMSA entry, this delightfully taut & toned ‘lipped’ Bell is the second and final trade mug in our super-exciting “Aberysthwyth Collection”.
They were salvaged from an intriguing outlet called Craft. Housed in a space looking out across the train station platform, it’s an Artisan pop-up charity shop-style affair selling mainly furniture but also including but not limited to computers, storage units, electrical items and sadly the most derisory collection of 2nd hand CD’s & DVDs I’ve stumbled across. On the music front if you weren’t a Paul Potts fan, you were goosed and I didn’t much fancy ‘Bloodsport 2’.
Anyway venturing deeper in to the bowels of this establishment, I happened across a home wares section and thereupon saved the mugs from a far than certain future and brought them ‘home’ to their final resting place at Mugspotters HQ.

Dulux 1 Dulux 2
I digress, so back the reason we’re here. Dulux. A household name and world-famous painting & decorating brand. Their products are sold both to the public via large DIY stores and also direct to businesses via their Dulux Decorator Centres.
Back in the day, their TV ads tapped into the emotions of all but the most hard-hearted of viewers as it’s star was a shaggy dog. And all the Mugspotters said..”Awwwww bless”.
dulux dog

The Old English Sheepdog first appeared in a 1961 advert but was taken off air in 1996 after 14 pooches had played the role. Television viewers fell in love with the cuddly breed’s long and soft coat, which covers its face and eyes. The Dulux dog, first played by an animal called ‘Shepton Dash’. (rhyming slang anyone?) It was so well known that this became a common nickname for Old English Sheepdogs and still remains to this day.
The clue is on the mug but this almost antique bric-a-brac dates back to 1991, celebrating 30 years of the Dulux mutt. Incidentally it reached it’s 50 years anniversary back in 2011.
As its now 2015, in “dog years” then, it must about 378-ish.

Craft: Unofficial Artisan recycling partners of Mugspotters.

Craft: Unofficial Artisan recycling partners of Mugspotters.

Cool, Calm & Collected

136. U.M.S.A

I recently undertook a scouting mission to Aberystwyth, (twinned with Hinterland) mid-Wales and Mugspotters are excited to bring you the first of 2 quite stunning trade mugs. (Please check back soon, the second posting is imminent..)

Mug Numero Uno carries the good old “Keep Calm and (insert message here)” theme, which was so popular in World War 2 and for some reason again in 2013. This teasing, plunging Sparta implores us to ‘K C + Get Advice’.

Upon spinning it round it reveals what I first thought was ‘OUMSA’ which prompted a spontaneous outburst of the Ooompah-Loompah song but in fact the ‘O’ is a thought bubble.(Durr)
U.M.S.A. is the University (Of) Medways’ Student Association.
This particular function offers advice and support to students with ‘needs’ such as, but not limited to:

Visual impairments
Hearing impairments
Asperger’s Syndrome, ASD
Mobility difficulties and physical impairments
Medical conditions or chronic illness
Dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD or another Specific Learning Difficulty
Mental health concerns
Epilepsy or neurological conditions
Speech or communication difficulties
Temporary disabilities (e.g. broken wrist)
Eating disorders, anxiety, depression
Addictions to weird porcelain-centric trade artifact websites (OK I made that one up…)

There is a bristling 16-page PDF drifting round the internet packed with all the info you’ll ever need to know, although I must say I was angered and distressed that from a diversity and equality point of view, I couldn’t see that there was a braille or audio copy available!
Then I remembered, ‘Keep Calm’, so on went the kettle resulting in a nice relaxing beverage.

Epilogue: Do any of you remember this classic Mugspotters entry?
Christmas Mug 1