If You Go Down In The Woods Today…

…You Get A Strange Sense Of Deja Vu…

66. Forrest Recruitment

No your eyes do not deceive you.
Nor will we be likened to the BBC by keep on filling our blogdule with repeat spottage!

Yes, we have been here before in recent times celebrating Forrests Silver anniversary mug but that flawed Racing Green number hasn’t got a patch on this much cleaner 2 colour-on-white variant. It’s almost a ‘lift & shift’ from it’s sister vessel but this looks more like a strain of Newbury, as opposed to the earlier Atlantic. The strap is white reversed out of the green slug running across it base and the branch list makes for a clear & gripping read.
This is altogether much more pleasing to the eye and a lot more legible all round. I make no apologies for this post and I think provides a wonderful opportunity to compare and contrast the 2 mugs.

Which is best?….In my mind there’s only one winner.

Forrest 2 - 1

Forrest 2 - 2

Forrest 2 - 3

No contest I’m afraid…

Alpha Omuga

43.   The Alphabet Store aka The A – Z Shop

Here we have a trade mug advertising a gift shop found in a charity shop….go figure.
This a solid, stocky little Newbury courtesy of on-line nick-nack & objet d’art peddlers, The Alphabet Store. Their website offers “The A-Z of every gift you need, but can never find” plus it’s own mug section featuring a set of ‘men-hating’ earthenware. However moving on, they also sell a fine line in Text Speak Mugs, my favourite being OMG which all Spotters know stands for Oh Mugs, Great!

Ironically despite them selling the A-Z of Everything, what I couldn’t see for sale was an “A-Z Alphabet Store Mug”! You have to rummage round Tewkesburys  finest Charity Shops for those.

A- Z Shop

Digging the Monty Pythonesque Logo.

PS.  If anyone can come up with any more ‘hilarious’  (& clean) Mug-related’ Text Speak acronyms, please post them in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

Axon, Waxoff

37. Axon Online

As we enter this Season of Goodwill we bring you the next thrilling installment of our new Aerospace Collection.
This Newbury variant (with slightly protruding rim) has a nice opaque veneer and whilst the print & logo are not the most inspiring, what I love about it is the one solitary droplet of beverage stain, magically stopped dead in it’s tracks just under the rim.
When we are given/donated mugs to shoot we invariably give them a bit of a valet, removing obvious exterior staining and even chive remnants from larger vessels but this mug was shot on location – ‘Keepin’ it real’ – and it brings a very honest quality to this hard-working mug, which doubtless delivers drink-upon-satisfying-drink to it’s owner.
As for Axon themselves their… “ mission is to work with customers to develop and create innovative and quality electrical systems that enhance their work environment today and in the future.
…and if we turn out an half-decent mug in the process, then that’s a bonus.

Axon Online  1
Behold the droplet, like a solitary tear down
its cheek…..

Bakers: Born & Bred since 1876

6. Warburtons Bakery

After one day on-line my personal collection of Trade Mugs had been exhausted so family friends came to the rescue with this true North-Western classic!

All the way from Bolton Lancashire comes this elegant ‘Newbury’ receptacle. It’s plain white in colour & emblazoned with the retro Warburtons Crest. I’m sure this bakery needs no introduction but as well as being able to buy all your favourite Warbies baked products from your usual food retailers, check out their website at www.warburtons.co.uk   It’s very interactive and mouthwatering to boot.
I’m off now to make some toast.

The Knights of the Road

5. The RAC Centenary Mug

A delicate, almost ornate Newbury mug celebrating the RAC’s 100 year anniversary in December 1997. This is the rear elevation providing a paragraph of explanatory text for those who like to read whilst sipping. I’m not sure the Fujifilm Finepix highlights a delightful silver trim around the brim and handle, giving this a very classy feel. It’s unused and highly collectible. Once sold in 20 years time, it may make my retirement a bit more comfortable.