Parents: Get Lost!

29: PGL Adventure Holidays

Anyone whose offspring has been on a PGL break will be familiar with this phenomenon.
What does PGL stand for? The official web definition is “PGL Travel Ltd. is a company established in 1957 by Peter Gordon Lawrence and is a provider of school activity courses and summer camps… “
Although folklore and playground defiance have translated it into simply: ‘Parents, Get Lost!”
Typically occurring in Year 6 of Primary school, kids are taken off for a 3 day break to some adventure camp where the order of the day is abseiling, zip-wiring, canoeing and quad biking with discos and talent shows by night.
After your 3 day break (from your child), you’ll collect them from school and invariably they will be in a cranky state due to sleep depravation and present you with an Everest-high bag of rank washing.
However, this mug is a stunner. I just love this mug.
This early example of a Lincoln (although with a sleeker handle) gives you the juxtoposition of a naff 70’s Travel Agents-style logo on one side and a fine line illustration of Boreatton Park, Shrewsbury on the other. You could argue it’s not Trade but 11 year old kids would not buy this even if it was available in their on-site gift shop.
We must assume this mug has been brought into captivity courtesy of a teacher or ex-PGL employee.
And I’m thankful they have as the world and this web site is a better place for it.

Parents: Just Do One

Boreaton Park

Another Fine NES

25. NES Recruitment

Dear Spotters there have been times recently when I thought this blog had run it’s course. “Welfare To Work” has been the lifeblood of the site for the past month or so. Despite  many desperate pleas for new muggage, there’s been nothing to share.

Until now……..

This sites co-founder was in Stretford’s YMCA  last week.
No Spotters, not the place where “It’s fun to stay or where you can get yourself cleaned, have a good meal, or do whatever you feel …”
No, Stretford YMCA Charity Shop.
Here he salvaged this precious, precious vessel for the princely sum of 30p.

NES Recruitment

Where do I start….
There are so many wonderful, unusual and intriguing features contained within this fine Berkshire China artefact.
The first point of note is it’s age. The phone number reads as 061 905 2727. ‘061’ prefixes were phased out in April 1995, making this mug at least 17 years old and therefore almost an antique!
Then there’s the design. It’s s a retro-Lincoln. The wonderful shots below highlight a Gold leaf effect on both its rim and handle.
The Logo is a dapper 3-D Jigsaw piece (why?) which is emblazoned on the front and rear elevations.

So what has become of NES? They’re still trading and possibly now owned by Reed Recruitment, who are no strangers to to Mugspotters. Today their web presence still retains a jigsaw logo, but reimagined for the 21st Century.

There we have it. A once in a lunchtime opportunist mug-spot.
Salvaged from the shelves of a Charity shop, given a new loving home and now immortalised on the World Wide Web.

What a way to bring up a quarter century of Mugspots!

The NES Gold Leaf Handle

NES Recruitment

Hark, the Gold Leaf rim!

The NES Logo as it looks today

If I Were A Carpenter….

.…..and you were my Mug.

17. Carpenters Solicitors

Nice referral here from Carpenters Solicitors.
The ‘Lincoln’ makes its long-awaited debut. From the same gene pool as the Sparta but thinner and sporting a more angular handle.
It’s a very understated piece but the printwork on the logo is gossamer fine and looks like it won’t stand too many rounds in the dishwasher. However curiosity is aroused on the rear elevation which features some sort of random Escher-esque ladder motif that I swear appears to have a different perspective each time you look at it.
It’s mesmerising. Don’t stare at it too long.

Look into my mug, look into my mug, the mug, the mug, not around the mug, don’t look around the mug, look into the mug, you’re under.