In The Wee Small Hours

119.  Desmotabs (0.2mg)

Here is an old joke from the Seventies (perhaps older) so hope no one is offended because to seems everybody these days under 30 is offended by everything that went on on the 70’s…
Little Johnny is in class and he asks the teacher if he can go as to the loo as he’s bursting.
Teacher to Little Johnny: Before you go recite the alphabet
Little Johnny: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Teacher: Where’s your P?”
Little Johnny:  Half way down my leg Sir.”

Again, I hope you haven’t been offended because I heard this joke in the Seventies and Channel 4 might take offence because they hate the Seventies. This hypocritical broadcaster  who cranks out such innocent & unoffensive efforts like ‘The InBetweeners’, makes cheapo talking-head sensationalist shows telling us such.(Yawn)

But seriously, bladder issues aren’t to be scoffed at. I should know. A combination of me entering my autumn years, a rabid thirst for tea and Greater Manchester, Salford & Bury Councils utterly despicable lack of traffic management means my 10 mile commute takes well over an hour & a half now and my back teeth are floating by the time I get home. Desmotabs (0.2mg) basically helps you produce less wee.  Now for the science bit…
“Desmotabs contain the active ingredient desmopressin, which is a type of medicine called a vasopressin analogue.  It is similar to a hormone produced naturally by the body, called vasopressin or antidiuretic hormone. Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. It is involved in controlling the
natural balance of water levels in the body. It normally acts on receptors in the kidneys to prevent excessive amounts of water being filtered out of the blood and into the urine. This reduces the production of urine.

Essentially though the reason we are here is the mug.
Desmotabs 0.2mg

This lipped Newbury gives me the warm & fuzzies. (In a dry way) It gives a pretty awful complaint a wonderful child-like gloss. You just know you’ll be OK with a Desmotab or two in you, all snuggled up in bed all cosy and warm and dry. I’ve fallen for this mug like a blind roofer. Even if I never drink from it I could keep it in my car in case of emergencies on those l-o-n-g drives home from work. (Only kidding)

I Get The Sweetest Feeling

117. Sanam Sweethouse

Gasps of wonderment were heard around Mugspotters HQ when this quite exquisite Charity Shop salvaged Deco was unveiled. Without being ‘Mug-ist’, it’s a very “feminine” specimen and drew such deep and insightful comments as “This is my favorite Mug cos it’s got hearts on it…”  Indeed.
However even the most hard-hearted Spotter would fail to be wooed by its flirtatious curves, lines and bold use of the heart motif. I am more enthralled by the cool logo as it beckons you with it’s “Come and eat me” Eastern undertones.
(Hmmm..please wait as I mop the saliva out of my keyboard..)

Sanam Sweethouse have a couple of outlets in both Stockport & Rusholme and its website boasts of a forthcoming shop in Cheetham Hill. The aforementioned site also explains:

Haji Abdul Ghafoor Akhtar started his scrumptious journey of flavors in 1963 by founding one of the first restaurants that beautifully blended the authentic and colorful taste of the East with the West. Initially called Multan and then Shezan to reflect his Eastern heritage, Haji Sahib settled with the name ‘Sanam’ – literally meaning ‘the loved one’, a name which reflected his true passion and love for what he did best.
His legacy is now being carried forward for more than 50 years, Sanam Sweethouse and Restaurant today is a symbol of authentic essence of Eastern taste and a benchmark of excellence for quality. Manchester’s finest, we are dedicated and committed to creating the very best in Pakistani cuisine and traditional sweets. Haji Sahib is proud.

Cheetham Hill would probably be closest to Mugspotters HQ and so will look to try them out once it’s unleashed on the public. Those who can’t wait are best advised to get down to Stockport or Rusholme to slate your sweet lust pronto.

Sweets for My Sweet, Sugar for My Honey..

Sweets for My Sweet, Sugar for My Honey..

Fins Ain’t What They Used To Be

115. Tetra: Bringing People & Fish Together For 50 Years

First things first.
Just who in the world of promotional earthenware thought it was a good idea to print Gold on Dark Blue?

Tetra 1 Tetra 3
We’re well over 100 mugspots now and I can no longer hide my feelings on this subject. I have to say this is the worst print combo ever! You all know now how much I live for salvaging mugs from rescue centres & charity shops and swear as I picked this specimen up out of a heap of discarded dreck, my first thoughts were not “Yes! That’s another one in the bag for Mugspotters” but rather it was ” Oh no! Gold on Dark Blue! How am I ever gonna get a decent photo of this?”
And so I had mixed emotions over this low-key Sparta. It’s a good thing the subject matter is so rich & ripe for analysis & reaction.  I love the way Tetra are coming on like they’re some sort of Gilla Black (Blind Date anyone?..) or an aquatic/human niche variant of   Bringing People and fish together for 50 years.
In what way exactly?

I can just see the ad now….

Man seeks fish. Has own plaice. Well eeled with grey mullet. Hard of herring but still has an ear for a good tuna. Loves to dance, especially ‘The Conger’. No time wasters. Won’t take carp (sic) from anyone. Seeks similar, but with gills. (Ed – That’s enough!)

This kind of man/fish perversion is nothing new.
Back in the 70’s Stan Lee did it in comic form with “Sub-Mariner” and in the same decade Patrick (webbed-hands) Duffy, hot on the heels of his Dallas heart-throb stint, crawled ashore as the ‘Man From Atlantis’.

Sub-Mariner  man from atlantis

And just to address the gender quota, you know mermaids are real anyway. They date back to 1984 when Daryl Hannah was washed up in ‘Splash’. Actually she wasn’t totally washed up until 2008 when she stooped to star in ‘Shark Swarm‘.

Shark Swarm
But sea-riously, Tetra are still THE name in fish food & accessories for all your Pond, Terraristic & Aquatic needs.
Pity about the mug though.

Tetra Logo

Fifty Shades Of Blue

114. Actonel

It’s always a challenge trying to put a wry spin on brands which deal with serious issues and ailments and this revealing Mugmos comes courtesy of Actonel (Risedronate Sodium) tablets. The medication is a treatment for Osteoporosis, which in layman’s terms is a condition whoch causes your bones to become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue, typically as result of hormonal changes or deficiency of calcium or Vitamin C.  If you are a female Mugspotter over 50 (and I know we have a few such followers) you might want to exit this blog now…
The Actonel site reveals the worrying stat that one in every two women aged over 50  will have an osteoporosis related-fracture in her lifetime.
If you have been brave enough to continue reading, sit down, take it easy and have a nice hot cup of sweet tea. Now where can I get a mug?…..

It seems only fair that after dropping this bombshell Actonel produce something to help take the sting out bearing such grim news…and what a stunner it is.

Actonel 3

Actonel 4 Actonel 6

The Mugmos can be stripped into 4 separate components and our all-action photo gallery above shows it in various states of undress as well as all its constituent parts laid bare.
The yearning body of the mug is a translucent blue into which the handle effortlessly glides. The metallic innards slip into and caress the top of its yielding body. Once firmly in place you can then masterfully pop on the lid, which comes complete with its own sip-slot. It’s adorned with a spongy felt-like undercarriage which acts as coaster to prevent both slippage & ringage*
*The phenomenon of leaving beverage circles on a given surface, which is a common trait of sip-slots, where seepage doth commonly occur.

Single entendres aside, it’s a beauty and on the practical side its size is much more bladder-friendly compared to it’s larger cousin the Travel Thermos, as illustrated in our classic posts for Cuprinol & Reed Health.

Actonel 1


I Stand Accused


The crime: I’m (M)accused of bringing you the very best in abandoned & unloved Trade and Selected Commemorative earthenware. The Verdict: ‘Guilty.’

Launched in 1985, MacUser is a monthly periodical for Apple Mac users in the design arena, bursting with hot-off-the–press news, reviews, walk-throughs and general techy titbits. There was doubtless a feature dealing with printing onto Mugs and so this shapely black Cambridge came into being, resplendent with a weird looking ‘mouse’ motif, which is hopefully a pun on the computer peripheral of the same name. I’m guessing this has to be an old mug and probably dates back to circa 2000.  Anyway the ‘mouse’ could very soon become a protected species thanks to todays touch screen technology.

At least Apple haven’t yet brought out the iMug 7: but I have had a sneak preview before it hits the shelves in time for Christmas.
It’s an 8gb Mug with a touch screen front elevation but it’s not advisable to touch when filled with hot liquid.
The handle stores your finger prints as a unique ID and the mug display turns on when you yourself pick it up. Because smart phones today encourage us to be total wispy-bearded thick-heads, when taking coffee it tells you:
– The region the coffee was sourced;
– Whether it was responsibly sourced;
– Strength of bean;
– How many sugars you have added and how much of your daily intake you have left;
– What type of milk to use and tells you when to stop pouring, ensuring you have a perfect “milk to bean” ratio.
It even has a voice activated feature:
User: “iMug, is it cool enough to drink my coffee?”
iMug: “Yes oh wispy-bearded one. Playing Darft Pank”

Basically it can do everything except drink the coffee but doubtless that feature will be added on the iMug 8…..
Start camping out now you suckers!



Come Fly With Me

110. Airtours International

Having cut your teeth on Caravan Holidays, there inevitably comes a day when the kids are a bit older and you decide you just have to leave this fair isle for 10 days or so for warmer, sunnier, all-inclusive climes.
I don’t mind flying (or being flown) as a rule but it’s the stresser that is the “Airport Experience” that grates me. The ungodly hour you arrive at the terminal, the kranky kids, the heavy suitacases, the passports in your mouth, faffing about with printed boarding passes, the agonising suitcase weigh-in…  You’ve already spent umpteen attempts weighing them at home on bathroom scales and hand-held gadgets costing three quid at B & M, but there’s still the element of agonising doubt as you plonk your case on the scales and see the digital display race up to but settle just before your allotted KG allowance is breached. (phew)
Then you’re on to another snaking queue to be body scanned for metals, liquids or shoe bombs, scissors in pencil cases etc.
Then you are fleeced at an airside Burger King outlet who levy and extra £4 on every menu item just for the privilege of you flying. (Don’t even get me started on Duty Free..)
After about 3 hours of utter stress and mither you finally board the plane and at long last, r-e-l-a-x. Now your holiday has truly begun.

To commemorate Airtours International, we bring you this ripped gun-metal grey on bleu foncé Sparta. I recall Airtours having a huge call centre up in Helmshore,(Twinned with ‘The Land that Time Forgot‘) Lancashire in the nineties. A big employer it was too but they eventually went into liquidation only to be swallowed up by Thomas Cook t/a MyTravel.
All that’s left up Helmshore now is Musberry Fabrics, the Textile Museum and it’s own micro-climate of mist and drizzle. (mizzle)

Chocs away Mugspotters!

Chocs away Mugspotters!

Home & Dry

109. Redrow Homes

Redrow 1

This Mug just screams ‘Nineties’ to me. It must be the bold serif fonts and drop-shadow. However it’s a pert little proto-Atlantic and makes a very worthy companion-piece to the ‘Barratt’ entry already in our annals.  Back in the day I don’t recall any TV ads for Redrow, only press.
Of course home building and the housing industry have had a fallow few decades but now there are signs newer houses are being built and if only the greedy supermarkets would free-up some of their annexed land-banks, it might alleviate the situation further. However, lets face it though, who on earth these days can even afford a deposit on a two-up, two down terrace, let alone a Redrow new-build?

Their ‘About Us’ Web-waffle states: We pride ourselves in delivering quality home (sic) to our customers and value to our shareholders.
Redrow is one of the UK’s leading residential property developers, aiming to be the developer of choice for customers, colleagues, landowners, suppliers, subcontractors and investors.  The company has a reputation for imaginative design, build quality and customer service, with the skills needed to complete a wide range of developments  – from large greenfield sites to complex brownfield regeneration schemes.
Greenfield? Brownfield? Have they not tried ‘Strawberry Fields‘, where nothing is real?