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70. Lancaster Training Services

Comparing Action movie actors to Trade mugs, I’d say the Sparta is very much like Stallone or Schwarzenegger. They’ve been around the block. Their heyday was in years gone by.  They’re an old macho favourite but have been away from the scene now for quite a while. Once a mainstay of this site, newer, more dynamic vessels have filled the gap left in their absence. Such as the ‘Bell’ (Jason Statham) or the ‘Cambridge’ (Daniel Craig.)

However the Sparta will not be beat and it muscles back on to Mugspotters in the shape of this blockbuster, courtesy of Lancaster Training Services. This is a 2-colour on white widescreen epic. One elevation features all your contact details, but spin it round and you’re greeted with a fantastic array of vehicular diagrammatics featuring lots of letters.
The wondrous pics speak for themselves but here is a guide to some of the Acronyms & names mentioned therein:

B + E:  Combinations of vehicles consisting of a vehicle in category B and a trailer over 750kg.
PCV:  A passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) with 9 to 16 passenger seats (Category D1)
Lorry Loader – Basically a grab lorry and more interesting than its namesake, the dreckfest pop band, Toploader.
LGV: Large Goods Vehicle
C & C + E:  C holders up to the test standard enabling them to take the practical LGV C+E driving test.
F L T: Fork Lift Truck

In fact here is a song I’ve just wrote about HGV Driver Training. (Sung to the tune of Aretha Franklin’s Respect)

B + E & C + E
Find out what it means to me
C & C + LGV
Take care … PCV

Socket to me
Socket to me
Socket to me
Socket to me

(Repeat to fade)

Driver Training 1

How wondrous thou art…

Driver Training 2

Driver Training 4

Driver Training 3

A Spanner In The Works

63. Scania Assistance

An opportunistic sighting here (the first since L12) but this time our avid spotters actively sought permission to get the shot and no doubt utterly perplexed its owner as to the reasons why they just needed to capture the mug for posterity. (That must have been some conversation!) It certainly is a curious specimin.
Without being mug-ist, what springs to mind when you think of Scania?  Trucks. Dirty big ones. Bodyshops. Mechanics. Roadside Recovery Crews. Even the mug itself features a spanner.
Yet they have chosen the Deco, one of the more  refined and dare I say it, “feminine” of mug designs with which to promote their services.  If I was a betting Spotter I’d have sunk my money on a Sparta all day long!
Nonetheless its a great addition to the blog and sincere thanks go to its owner and the intrepid Spotters for selflessly risking their reputations to get the all important photo.

Scania Mug

In Need Of A Pick Me Up

61. Enterprise Car Hire

If you’ve missed having any updates from Mugspotters this week and are in need of a pick me up, then we have the perfect tonic for you in the shape of this classy little number courtesy of Enterprise Car Hire.
In porcelain circles it’s known as a ‘Bell’, (titter ye not…..) which incidentally makes it’s debut on the site.

U.S.owned Enterprise are a big player in the insurance market. These guy’s USP is that when you’re in need of a hire car and you’re ready to do the deed, they’ll come and pick you up from home, drive you to their branch and once you’ve signed but declined their collision damage waiver exess, you then drive away in your Vauxhall Insignia.
Their ‘Pick You Up’ service (so good they’ve trademarked it!) appears to be a bit of an odd process but you can see how it saves them fuel, resource & time, time which is better spent back at the branch supping a hot beverage from one of their rather lush ‘Bells’.


Ding, dong…..



One For The Road

47.   L12 Driving Lessons

Obviously feeling shunned by our last entry featuring The Marrow, the Cambridge muscles it’s way back onto the site in the shape of this rather tastleful entry for L12 Driving Lessons.
A la Axon, there is a solitary tea(r) stain on the top of the mug that thankfully has not dripped far enough to spoil a most intriguing half-tone adorning the side elevation. It’s a moody shot and quite arty for such an artefact.
This was an opportunistic spot  taken via iPhone on location in our works beverage bay.
L12 Driving School operate out of Croxteth in Liverpool, taking their post code as their name and offer all sorts of driving solutions including of all things, ‘Crash Courses’.
These scousers have a good sense of humour!

L12 Driving

The Knights of the Road

5. The RAC Centenary Mug

A delicate, almost ornate Newbury mug celebrating the RAC’s 100 year anniversary in December 1997. This is the rear elevation providing a paragraph of explanatory text for those who like to read whilst sipping. I’m not sure the Fujifilm Finepix highlights a delightful silver trim around the brim and handle, giving this a very classy feel. It’s unused and highly collectible. Once sold in 20 years time, it may make my retirement a bit more comfortable.

Will I get a Courtesy Car?

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2. Nationwide Crash Repair Centre

Nice 2-colour piant job on this Sparta, proving this receptacle is equally at home in both the bustle of the bodyshop and the cut and thrust of the call centre.