Trade Mugs Have Rights Too

135. Equality & Human Rights Commission

Never has a mug arrived at our door from such a lofty and prominent organisation. Always one to shy from controversy I’m going to side-step the usual japery of light-heartedly sending up such an institution. Let’s face it, under-represented humankind has many wishing to speak up to fight their corner and raise awareness of even the most niche cultures and communities.
What concerns me are the Rights of Trade Mugs?
Avid followers of Mugspotters will know how we have sought to raise awareness of the general neglect, lack of respect and abuse of Trade earthenware and you could say us bringing such artifacts onto the world-wide web would help consumers and beverage partakers to be more informed and appreciate such humble and frowned upon vessels. Our Mission statement & web-blurb bear testament to this:
Mission statement

Sadly even in Trade Mug circles, those who shout loudest are pandered to. The landscape is awash with White-bread Sparta’s & Vanilla Cambridge’s but wherever possible we love to champion those under-represented mugs sitting on the fringes: the Bell; the Stein & the Tankard. Hardly any of these get a look in!.

It’s a pity then that the E&HRC chose the most glaringly obvious, safe and quite frankly bland Cambridge to promote their cause. This is pretty much sat on the earthenware fence. I’d have much more respect for them if they’d had plumped for something like the Brave Bell.
Maybe rather than offend the majority by being brave, they pandered to the masses?
You have to remember: All trade mug designs are equal but some are more equal than others.

EHR final

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