Talk To The Hand

134. Computershare Vouchers

Back in my school days, I’d run home at lunchtime to get my daily fix of food and TV.
Such highlights were: Rainbow, Handful of Songs, Kreskin (some weird US magician), Pipkins & Fingerbobs.
Fingerbobs was a show where the fingers did the talking as ex=Playschool stalwart Rick Jones ample hands & digits donned  all manner of bespoke hand puppet regalia to entertain us kids whilst we chowed down on Princes Salmon paste butties and Vimto. For afters I’d be lucky to get a dry biscuit and then back off to school I’d trek.
So when presented with this handy Cambridge, you can easily see why I’ve been transported back to my childhood, reliving memories of Fingermouse, Gulliver the Seagull, Enoch the Woodpecker, Scampi & Flash the Tortoise.

Computershare 1

Fingerbobs logo

Considering Computershare are the UK’s largest childcare voucher provider, their array of underwhelming
finger puppets aren’t in the same league as their 1970’s predecessors and just sit on the finger-ends rather than
stretch to the expense & imagination of a fully-sheathed costume solution.
As far as their website goes, this is a thinly-veiled Childcare Voucher scheme for employer/employee use with
said vouchers being able to be used for:

Au pairs
Out of school clubs (such as Explore Learning)
Extra-curricular activities (such as music lessons)
Breakfast and after-school clubs
Holiday clubs or schemes
Activity holiday companies including Camp Beaumont, Kings Camps, Supercamps
Qualifying childcare offered by schools.

We here at Mugspotters must reiterate: Do not attempt to handle hot drinks whilst wearing any form of finger puppetry regalia. All such items must be removed prior to handling to ensure a safe & satisfying
beverage experience.

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