Oh Happy Day!

128. Quote Me Happy.com

Mugspotters make no apology for delving back into the brew-room for leads. I know we’re a bit like ambulance-chasing solicitors prowling hospital A&E waiting rooms but the truth is, this is where we unearth many of our exciting ceramic truffles.
It was smiles all round as we discovered this quite charming Cambridge for Quote Me Happy.com.

QMH Doubler

As you can see, the mug belongs to Tony but he he was more than happy for his drinking receptacle to feature on our blog.
It’s a cute effort featuring Tony on one elevation and general QMH blurb on the other all displayed in a very modern rounded font. You could say the green looks almost ‘gaelic’.

So what of Quote Me happy? We’re talking everyone’s least favourite grudge-purchase, Insurance. Its (very green) web page again features macrocephalic Tony, this time in his convertible. Lets face it, his head wouldn’t fit in any other vehicle!
QMH sell cheap insurance via price comparison websites such as our friends on Compare the Meerkat.  Because it’s an all on-line affair, you can even sign in with farcebook, features Twidder feeds, blogs & download a variety of apps.  (Whatever that’s all about.)
So, it would be fair to say QMH are targeting the bearded, selfie-obsessed, “go-fun-yourself” generation.
But don’t quote me on that.

In Mugspotters HQ we were all quite taken with Tony, so here are more pix of him to save you looking at the official QMH site.

Tony + Toni + Pooch

Tony + Toni + Pooch

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