The Great Charity Shop Swindle

126. Linda Gill Nurseries

First, let me get this off my chest. I paid £1.49 for this. It’s the most I’ve ever paid for a charity shop salvage item. ( I believe they term this “bric-a-brac”) The charity will remain nameless plus I don’t want to give them any free advertising on this already traffic-heavy  blog but despite trying to aid a good cause, they are bang out of order. I have been in this particular shop before and seen another over-priced mug but chose not to buy purely because of their deluded pricing policy. Sadly in the case of this sensational Sparta for the Linda Gill Nursery Group, my heart ruled my head and so it’s with some caution it now finds fame on our site.

Gill 3

Gill 4
It looks a ‘dated’ item. There’s no web address, so it may even be pre-internet. 2 branches are mentioned with a boastful “The Nursery to Go to” / “The Group That’s Going Places” slogans aborning its pert derriere.
– Greenmount?: That’s a poor mans Summerseat.
– Factory St, Ramsbottom?: The kids probably went straight from’t nursery t’factory!

Nurseries & schools are an emotive subject and everyone wants their little Johnny or Mary to go the best one to gain a decent education. Due to the desperate nature of the pleading/boasting on the mug, it seems Linda Gills imagined themselves at the top of the tree in the locality of Bury North End.
What is puzzling though is an internet search in 2015 reveals nothing of the nurseries in the present day but there are covert mentions of ‘Linda Gill’ but it’s all very low-key and there is no direct web prescence other than a mention of a nursery in Bury town centre. Less can sometimes mean more but this is strangely at odds with the over-enthusiastic boasting on the mug.
Anyway, must go now, the bell’s just rung for break time.

One thought on “The Great Charity Shop Swindle

  1. kelly gilmartin says:

    This article had made my day! Do you still have the mug i’d love to buy it…
    Kelly (the daughter of the previously mentioned Linda Gill)


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